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The Most Annoying Star Wars Droid, According To 29% Of People

There's a lot to love about the "Star Wars" franchise, hence why it has endured in the pop culture world for over four decades. Whether you're into intense lightsaber duels, shocking political intrigue, or simply enjoy popping in your earbuds to listen to composer John Williams' finest musical works, there's something for everyone to enjoy. This is especially true when looking at each film, trilogy, TV show, or spin-off on its own, as each comes with a unique set of attributes, strengths, and weaknesses that set them apart from its contemporaries.

Even though "Star Wars" is an incredibly varied property, there are a handful of throughlines that keep each addition to the canon connected. Aside from the Force, certain characters, or famed locations, fans can always expect an abundance of droids to appear across all forms of "Star Wars" media. Some are docile, such as the GNK Power Droid, while others are bent on mayhem and destruction, like the IG-series assassin droid. Regardless of their primary mode of operation, their near-human personalities certainly help them to stand out from the pack.

As a consequence of their individuality, some droids can come off as downright annoying for one reason or another. According to 29% of people, this one, in particular, is in an insufferable league of its own.

C-3PO is an icon, but he sure is irritating

To determine which "Star Wars" droids were the most annoying to the saga's legions of fans, Looper recently ran a poll on the topic. We garnered a total of 536 votes from respondents across the United States, and they made their feelings very clear. Everyone's favorite astromech, R2-D2, came in dead last at 10.63%, just below D-O of "The Rise of Skywalker" fame's 16.42% and L3-37 from "Solo: A Star Wars Story," who took home 21.08%. The runner-up was the sequel trilogy mainstay BB-8 at 22.76%, with C-3PO securing the top spot with 29.10%.

There's no denying that C-3PO is as recognizable as the entirety of the "Star Wars" series — having been present since its humble beginnings in 1977. He has appeared in every Skywalker saga entry — courtesy of Anthony Daniels — and has also popped up on "Star Wars: The Clone Wars," "Star Wars Rebels," and even joined his counterpart R2-D2 to star in a cartoon of their own in the mid-1980s. However, his impressive resume doesn't absolve the fact that he's a worrywart in the purest sense and is never silent about his anxiety, disagreements, or general complaints.

Though nearly 30% of the people who participated in our survey made no bones about their irritation with C-3PO, that's largely the point of the character. The protocol droid always acted as a voice of reason, attempting to put the kibosh on the action and adventure that "Star Wars" audiences desire to save his own metal skin. Of course, that would come off as grating to viewers, whose visceral distaste for his personality is a testament to Anthony Daniels' talent as an actor.