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Here's One Very Weird Way To Get A Clue About The Plot Of Stranger Things Season 4

More than two years have passed since Season 3 of "Stranger Things" dropped on Netflix — and it may be a while yet before Season 4 finally debuts. The streaming service has scheduled the next installment of the popular TV series for a 2022 release, but of course, that's a large launch window. However, for fans who are missing the teens of Hawkins, Indiana, the supernatural forces they battle, and the '80s nostalgia the show prominently features, it won't be long before the tie-in merchandise starts the hype train up again. 

In fact, you can already pre-order a rather unusual piece of "Stranger Things" merch at Walmart that not only caters to your desire to live in a simpler time, but offers an exclusive sneak peek at Season 4. Who knew that in 2021, the humble cassette tape would be back in style as a medium for audio content? That's perfect timing for a show that's ramping up for a media blitz. 

You can buy a cassette player that comes with a tape featuring exclusive content

Branded as a Wal-Mart exclusive, the "Stranger Things" Crosley Cassette Player Bundle consists of a Crosley cassette player, a cassette tape, and eight vinyl stickers. The stereo itself is fully functional; it features a tape deck, recording function, AM/FM radio, and a Bluetooth 5.0 receiver. The cassette features "a secret voicemail left by a mysterious figure from the upcoming Season 4 of Stranger Things," according to the description. Once you play it in the tape deck, you'll hear exclusive content from the show and get a sneak peek of what's coming. 

The cassette player set costs $64.88 and will be shipped starting November 19. It's probably a necessity if you want to be the first to know what happens to Hopper, or maybe hear more about horror legend Robert Englund's new character Victor Creel, or find out what in the world the series has to show for what actor Finn Wolfhard revealed was 300 days of filming. "It's going to be really messed up this season," Wolfhard said on the October 11 episode of "The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon."

Given that production appears to be complete on the fourth season, fans are guessing new episodes will release in March or April 2022 (via FanSided). Until then, listening to old-school cassettes on your stereo may have to be enough.