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Rust First AD And Armorer At Center Of Alec Baldwin Shooting Investigation Hire Lawyers

More details on the accidental shooting and tragic death of cinematographer Halyna Hutchins are emerging as the investigation of the incident continues. The shooting took place on the set of the western filmĀ "Rust," when actor Alec Baldwin practiced with a prop gun he believed to be without any live ammunition. However, the prop gun had one live round in it, which fired and struck and killed Hutchins and wounded director Joel Souza.

The film's assistant director David Halls and armorer Hannah Gutierrez-Reed are at the center of the investigation and ensuing media spotlight. Court records detailed Halls allegedly handed Baldwin the prop gun and told the actor that it was safe to use. In addition, Halls took the gun from a cart set up by Gutierrez-Reed. As Deadline reported, a third search warrant has been issued as authorities continue to probe and figure what is ultimately responsible for the shooting. This may have possibly prompted Halls and Gutierrez to now hire lawyers.

Halls and Gutierrez-Reed may be preparing to go to court

So far, no charges have been filed against anyone in relation to the shooting that took place on the set of "Rust." However, as the Santa Fe County Sheriff Department continues their investigation into the incident, it's possible that could all change. As Deadline reported, with David Halls and Hannah Gutierrez-Reed in the middle of the ongoing investigation, the two have both hired their own legal representation. Gutierrez-Reed has hired ex-Assistant U.S. Attorney Jason Bowles, while Halls has hired former Assistant District Attorney Lisa Torraco, an Albuquerque-based lawyer. Deadline also reports that Halls and Gutierrez-Reed have already given their statements to authorities as they continue to cooperate in the probe.

As more news of the investigation has come out, previous on-set firearms incidents related to Halls and Gutierrez-Reed have also come to light. Halls was fired in 2019 from the production of "Freedom's Path" after a rifle thought to be empty had discharged and caused inner-ear issues for a crewmember. Meanwhile, a former cast member said that while working on the Nicolas Cage film "The Old Way," Gutierrez allegedly engaged in some "rookie" behavior by firing weapons too close to the cast and crewmembers.