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Lessons In Chemistry - What We Know So Far

At least one movie or television show in your mental list of favorites has been adapted from a book — one that most likely was published years before the show or movie's release. "Harry Potter," "Lord of the Rings," "The Great Gatsby," "Game of Thrones," and "Dexter" are all commonly known as great physical novels turned into digital media after extreme success. Sometimes the film or series goes on to be just as acclaimed as the book, and other times not so much. However, that has never and will never stop studios from wanting to create screen adaptations of the best books around.

With plenty of book adaptations hitting the big screen and streaming services now or in the near future, including Frank Herbert's sci-fi classic, "Dune," many are looking to see if their favorite books will soon be brought to life by Hollywood and top actors. Fans of actress Brie Larson are in luck, as she is scheduled to executive produce and star in an adaptation of the incredibly well-received but yet-to-be-released novel, "Lessons in Chemistry." Here's everything we know so far.

What is the release date for Lessons in Chemistry?

According to Entertainment Weekly, Brie Larson is slated to play the lead in "Lessons in Chemistry," with the adaptation streaming on Apple TV+ sometime after the novel's official release on April 5, 2022. It is unclear when production will begin, but given that the series was just picked up with Larson attached to star, things will probably get moving pretty quickly with Apple backing the project. There is also no set timeline or release date for the series as of yet. Given that Larson has recently been occupied with the production of the next "Captain Marvel" installment, "The Marvels," our best guess is to look out for it about a year from now or early 2023.

More official information will certainly be revealed as production moves forward, but Larson is no stranger to signing on to a project with an unclear release date considering her position with Marvel. "The Marvels" was announced all the way back in early 2020 with production beginning soon after, but the COVID-19 pandemic intervened and changed the release date multiple times, with it now being slated for February 17, 2023. Nevertheless, this could work out in Larson's favor, with "Lessons in Chemistry" possibly releasing around the same time.

Who is in the cast of Lessons in Chemistry?

Since Variety's exclusive back in January of this year, no actors have been officially announced as being attached to the project aside from Brie Larson, but the article reveals that Jason Bateman and his production company, Aggregate Films, are executive producing "Lessons in Chemistry" alongside Larson. 

This could definitely point to Bateman starring alongside Larson, possibly in the role of her character's love interest or an entirely separate antagonist. Either way, Bateman would certainly be a great addition to the cast with his excellent acting and comedic chops, and we love the idea of Larson and Bateman bouncing ideas off of each other that will surely make us laugh.

As more information is released we will see if Bateman will choose to act in the show or just produce. Based on prior films that Bateman and his company have produced, he's often acted in the projects as well, so there's reason to hope that he might join the cast.

What is the plot of Lessons in Chemistry?

"Lessons in Chemistry" author Bonnie Garmus and Doubleday have revealed a detailed synopsis of what happens in the novel prior to its April release next year. The novel takes place in the 1960s and follows scientist turned cooking icon, Elizabeth Zott, who Brie Larson will play. Zott begins her career at Hastings Research Institute with an all-male team who very blatantly have an "unscientific view of equality," except for a lone and brilliant researcher named Calvin Evans, who falls in love with Zott's own intelligence (via Curtis Brown). The character of Evans could possibly be Jason Bateman's role if he acts in the series.

Only a few years later, Zott is now a single mother and the host of a successful cooking show due to her incredibly scientific approach to food becoming popular amongst many people. Zott finds herself not only influencing fellow women in the way they cook, but also in the way they approach the "status quo" men have in place for women. Garmus noted that she wanted Zott to represent anyone who's ever felt held back or underestimated, while also using Zott's personality to reflect that she doesn't put up with that kind of thing (via EW).

More will certainly be revealed about the story of "Lessons in Chemistry" after the book is released, but fans have at least a decent amount to go off of from the disclosure of Garmus and the detailed synopsis.