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Nathan Drake's Voice Actor Had A Perfect Reaction To The Uncharted Movie's Trailer

Any time there's news of a movie adaptation of a popular video game franchise, fans usually react with some excitement and a healthy dose of trepidation. While some video game movies have fared well at the box office, overall they don't exactly have the best reputation as the height of cinema. Then there's the challenge that comes with adapting any property for the big screen: finding the right actor to play a beloved character or characters.

The "Uncharted" movie is no exception. The "Uncharted" video games offer lots of action, breathtaking visuals, and eye-popping set pieces, but the heart of the series is the relationship between Nathan Drake and his mentor, Victor "Sully" Sullivan. Nailing that relationship will be essential to the movie's success. The "Uncharted" movie considered multiple A-list actors for the role of Drake, including Chris Pratt, Nathan Fillion, and Mark Wahlberg. Ultimately, the production went with "Spider-Man: Homecoming" star Tom Holland in the role of Drake, and Wahlberg in the role of Sully.

When Holland was cast in 2017, some fans weren't convinced that the youthful-looking Brit could convincingly portray the globe-spanning antiquities hunter, with one fan writing that the casting amounted to "Uncharted Rugrats" (via The Wrap). But more recently, as Holland and others have shared set photos of Holland as Drake, some have begun warming up to the idea. And now, with Sony releasing the first official trailer for the "Uncharted" movie on Oct. 21, Holland (and Wahlberg) have a key supporter in their corner: Nathan Drake's original voice actor, Nolan North. Here's what North said about the trailer.

Nolan North gave the Uncharted movie his blessing

"Wow! I looked great in my twenties!," North joked in his Tweet about the trailer, referring to the much-younger Holland's casting. "@TomHolland1996 and @markwahlberg nailed the Drake-Sully dynamic in @unchartedmovie," he continued, referring to several moments in the trailer when Sully gives Drake some lighthearted teasing. North concluded his Tweet by thanking the movie's director, Ruben Fleischer, and looking forward to the premiere.

Even if it was unlikely that North would publicly trash the movie adaptation of the series that helped make him a household name, his comments are still a good sign. Nobody knows Nathan Drake better than the man who brought him to life, and it's encouraging to see him fully on board with Holland taking over the role.

While some might still be skeptical about Holland as Drake, the casting makes total sense in light of the movie's plot. The "Uncharted" movie will serve as a prequel to the video game series, telling Drake's origin story as he transforms from a bartender in his early 20's into the more familiar swashbuckler from the games. Nathan Fillion might still be a popular choice for the role, but he's not a realistic option for this version of the character. 

The movies will also delve into how Drake and Sully first met, and the early days of their relationship. In the games, Drake and Sully are written as two people who have a lot of history and mutual respect for each other. Holland and Wahlberg will have a chance to show us how Drake and Sully got there. But we won't know for sure whether Holland and Wahlberg pull it off until the "Uncharted" movie premieres on Feb. 18, 2022.