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Small Details You Missed In The Uncharted Trailer

Today, the brand new trailer for the action-packed adaptation of PlayStation videogame gem "Uncharted" arrived online, putting Tom Holland once again in the shoes of an iconic character from popular culture and treasured by fans the world over. Based on the franchise of the same name, the film is directed by Rueben Fleischer of "Venom" fame and sees Holland as con man and adventurer, Nathan Drake, alongside seasoned globe-trotter Sully, played by Mark Wahlberg. Sophia Ali, Tati Gabrielle, and Antonio Banderas also star.

Now, while the world is going nuts seeing Holland's take on Nathan Drake bring one major set piece from the adventure game to life, we've bravely ventured through the trailer, avoiding booby traps and making sure to watch our step to see what little details you might have missed. So grab a flashlight, follow our directions, and see what gold nuggets we picked up and pocketed along the way.

Something's missing from Sully

While the essential boxes are being checked for this big-screen take on Naughty Dog's franchise to match up, one thing that isn't on display, in the trailer at least, is a main facial feature on Nathan's partner-in-crime, Victor "Sully" Sullivan (Mark Wahlberg). It might be a minor detail to some, but for fans of the franchise, it's a brave choice to make and one that's it's right under his nose. Or not.

We're referring to the infamous moustache that Sully is known for from the "Uncharted" games series that Wahlberg isn't brandishing here, potentially because of the time we're meeting him. As Rueben Fleischer's upcoming film looks to be telling the origins of Nathan and Sully's friendship, there's a chance the more youthful mentor to our hero hasn't made the brave choice of growing some facial hair. The chances are that we will see it make an appearance near the end of the film, though, after an Instagram in October last year from Wahlberg showed him brandishing a 'tash and requesting that fans "don't f—–g ask."

One ring to fool them all

As much as Sully can't be seen without keeping his top lip warm, Nathan Drake can't be without an all-important trinket that he's carried in the games since his arrival in 2007. As synonymous with this hero as Indiana Jones' hat and whip, this one is far less noticeable. It's also a valuable accessory for Nathan and one that binds this new adventurer to one of history's greatest.

Earning a fair bit of focus in the trailer, the ring that Holland's hero is fiddling with belongs to legendary explorer Sir Francis Drake, of whom Nate claims to be a descendant. Engraved with the phrase "Sic Parvis Magna," the Latin saying is a motto Sir Francis lived by: "Greatness from Small Beginnings." It's also the first ever treasure that Nathan steals, beating Sully to the prize, but sparking off the mentor-protégé relationship that looks to be replicated here. The only difference is that Sully seems to be using it as a bargaining chip for Nathan, and it's for something more valuable than treasure.

Oh, brother, where art thou?

Sam Drake, Nate's older brother, is an essential character that turned up later in the game series that looks to be absent here. Voiced in "Uncharted 4" by Troy Baker, who also voices Joel from Naughty Dog's other game series set to be adapted, "The Last of Us," he's as cocky and daring as his younger sibling. So, where is he in this explosive new preview, and why is he such a hot topic of discussion.

The film suggests that Sam went after the same treasure that Sully is tracking down and uses the Drake family heirloom to get Nathan on board his next score. "We find that gold, we find him too," Sully explains, suggesting that this is going be as much of a rescue mission as an overly expensive loot quest. Currently, there's no confirmation on Sam will be turning up and, if so, who will play him. Maybe it's another hidden treasure that, for now, Sony Pictures has not mentioned in the leadup to the film's release.

Where Drake's going, he doesn't need roads

Besides the noticeably plane-sized homage to "Uncharted 3" near the end of the new trailer, there's one enormous detail that suggests how and why Drake has found himself in this bit of mid-flight madness, and where in the film this is taking place. Along with the box-hopping to safety thousands of feet in the air, the trailer ends on the killer gag of Drake being pushed back outside after being hit by a slick red sports car. It may come out of nowhere in this particular sequence, but it's one we've already seen.

Amongst the witty banter between Holland and Wahlberg, the trailer also shows the big bad of the film, which looks distinctly like Antonio Banderas. Currently unnamed on the cast list, we see him have a few choice words with our hero at an event, after shortly parking up in the exact same car. A quick connection of the dots suggests that the plane Drake boards is owned by Banderas' bad guy and is headed to an exotic location for the treasure they're after or the villain's base of operations. We're sure Nathan will swap insurance numbers when he lands.

To see just how big this adventure gets, you'll be able to go "Uncharted" when the film arrives on February 18, 2022.