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The Uncharted Trailer Moment That Has Fans Freaking Out

If fortune favors the bold, then the brand new trailer for "Uncharted" suggests Sony Pictures could have one massive blockbuster on their hands. Adapted from the best-selling PlayStation franchise of the same name, the first "Uncharted" movie preview teases Tom Holland's break from web-slinging as he teams up with Mark Wahlberg and embarks on a global treasure hunt. 

Holland plays brave explorer and charming adventurer Nathan Drake, who, as the new trailer teases (via YouTube), is in his early days of raiding ancient ruins and gunning down bad guys. Joining him on this adventure is Wahlberg as Victor "Sully" Sullivan, another keen eye in antiquities who ropes Drake in for this mission. Cue dusty, untouched tombs, shiny expensive objects getting pinched, and Holland putting on one of the most iconic outfits in videogame history.

As trailers go, the "Uncharted" first look is packing a serious punch. Not only is the world of the PlayStation video game series brought to life (and vividly, might we add), but it also includes several nods to Naughty Dog's flagship game series. One particular moment from this preview reveals a sequence lifted directly from a particular franchise installment, and fans are freaking out about it on social media.

Holland takes flight as Nathan Drake in an iconic sequence

One of the most nerve-wracking moments from the first "Uncharted" official trailer is also the moment that is getting the most attention from fans. The show-stopping scene in question shows Nathan Drake (Tom Holland) falling out of an aircraft carrier from a ridiculous height. In an instant, his foot gets caught in the webbing of a crate. He then climbs across a string of loose cargo back into the plane.

It's an epic event ripped from one of the video game franchise's favored chapters, 2011's "Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception." Naturally, the stunning sequence (albeit just a snippet) has left Twitter fans with more than a few good words to say. User @edgelord_mr reposted the video game version of the action scene on the Sony Pictures tweet for the trailer. Elsewhere, Twitter user @FilmdomBlog wrote, "The plane scene is a nice surprise but makes sense. It's arguably the most iconic set piece from the series." User @its_menieb posted side-by-side screenshots of the sequence from the game and the trailer, marveling with a simple, "They did it."

Additionally, it seems the plane stunt preview was all it took to seal the deal for fans who were curious about "Uncharted." Twitter user @Tbl_PIDOR noted, "The plane scene from 'Uncharted 3'? SOLD." In this vein, @MVRIVNOwrld remarked, "[It's a] perfect casting choice IMO. Also, the plane scene from 'Uncharted 3' is amazing."

"Uncharted" arrives in cinemas on February 18, 2022.