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The Most Frustrating Part Of Halloween Kills For Jamie Lee Curtis

The "Halloween" franchise has dominated the big screen for over four decades now, inviting numerous actors and filmmakers to leave their unique mark on its legacy. Be that as it may, there are a handful of staples to the horror property that generally remain constant, serving as anchor points to remind audiences of what they're in for. The most obvious of these is the face of the "Halloween" IP: the mysterious and menacing Michael Myers (James Jude Courtney and Nick Castle). But there's certainly a case to be made for another name whose presence further legitimizes any entry.

That honor belongs to Jamie Lee Curtis and her "Halloween" alter-ego, Laurie Strode. Since the original 1978 flick, she has served as Myers' biggest rival and the one person that he can't seem to kill, causing their cat-and-mouse game to spill over into multiple sequels. The most recent of the bunch, 2018's "Halloween," reignited their feud for a new generation, though it wasn't just a one-and-done thing. The premiere of "Halloween Kills" is quickly approaching, giving Curtis the chance to add yet another chapter to Strode's story.

Although, this wasn't as easy for the silver screen icon as one would imagine. At a press roundtable that Looper attended, she recently revealed that an aspect of "Halloween Kills" caused her some mild frustration.

Curtis had to reel in the badassery

During the press event, Jamie Lee Curtis spoke to her experience throughout the filming process, mentioning one piece of wardrobe that became a real drag. "I'm in a f***ing hospital gown for half the movie," she lamented. "Nobody looks good in a hospital gown! It's the truth!"

She also felt a bit restrained by the realities of this stage of Laurie's journey. "It was very frustrating and difficult for me ... You have to restrain yourself," she explained. "It's a restrained time. [Laurie Strode] was a warrior, and now she is rendered impotent, and it was challenging for me. It was also frustrating because, you know, everybody else is, you know, having this experience out in the world, and I'm in the hospital ... It was challenging."

As seen in "Halloween," Strode has failed to move on from her initial confrontations with Michael Myers all these years later. She's struggling with alcoholism and has become detached from her family, even pushing away her only daughter, Karen (Judy Greer). Nevertheless, when Myers reemerges and continues his path of destruction, she gets her act together and faces her old foe head-on, going as far as burning down a building with him inside to hopefully kill him once and for all. Naturally, he survives and is on the hunt in "Halloween Kills" yet again.

The latest "Halloween" gave us a brand new Laurie Strode, one that stared her demon in the face and bravely took it to its limit. In that sense, it's somewhat disheartening to learn she'll be a bit less bold in "Halloween Kills" — a sentiment that Jamie Lee Curtis appears to share.