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The Biggest Unanswered Questions In You Season 3

Contains spoilers for "You" Season 3

The obsessive and murderous Joe (Penn Badgley) in Netflix's "You" is not unlike the titular character of "Dexter," in that he's a serial killer who strives to be better. However, while Dexter Morgan at least tries to control his darker nature, Joe's much more deluded, and generally too caught up in his own inner turmoil to do much more than focus on his various obsessions. Even his Season 3 attempts to stay on the straight and narrow end up wreaking untold havoc in the lives of everyone around him — not least because he's now married to fellow disturbed murderer Love Quinn (Victoria Pedretti). 

The union between the two is ultimately not a match made in heaven, and the ending of Season 3 shows that when it comes to their marriage, Love is dead in both senses of the word. Badgley has already teased a very different fourth season of "You," and with Joe once again unleashed upon the unwary world, it's easy to see that the show has plenty of great things in its future. However, before the upcoming "You" Season 4 introduces fans to new characters and plots, we hope that it takes time to answer at least some of these lingering questions from Season 3. 

Will Joe find Marienne or go after a new target?

The ending of "You" Season 3 once again promises a change to the show's scenery, as Joe follows through with a much-teased relocation to Paris. However, the season ends before the viewer really gets an idea of his true intentions to move there. The serial killer's obsessive nature indicates that he's on the prowl for Marienne Bellamy (Tati Gabrielle), but his final promise-slash-threat to find what he's looking for leaves things a little bit open-ended.

Joe's carefully executed Season 3 endgame might cost him his family and two of his toes, but assuming that he actually manages to convince the authorities that he's dead, it also gives him a blank slate and a new lease in life. It's possible and even pretty likely that he's not quite ready to let go of his obsession over Marienne, but his chilling promise to do so carries a potential double meaning. "I have to believe our paths are destined to cross again," Joe states. "I'll search the world if I have to. I will find You."

Sure, Joe will likely reunite with Marienne at some point in the future. This will be a pretty unpleasant surprise for her, since she almost certainly thinks that Joe is dead, and is aware that he's a murderer. However, the search itself will no doubt take the main character to all sorts of places before this happens, and fans might even find out that this plot point won't be fully resolved in "You" Season 4. After all, the series has showed before that Joe's obsessive eye is known to wander. 

How will a dead man travel the world?

Speaking of Paris, how exactly does Joe get there in the first place? Though "You" shows that the obsessive killer is presumed dead, the events of the season finale still connect him to a highly publicized serial killer case that features a scion of a prominent family, and Joe's visage is prominently featured on the news. Sure, he manages to establish a new identity as usual, but how exactly does he use whatever forged documents he's able to scrounge up to travel to Europe without anyone recognizing him — and while covering the limp from his missing toes, which have also likely been covered by the media? 

Sure, it's within the realm of possibility that Joe manages to escape the U.S. by, say, bribing his way aboard a Europe-bound cargo ship. However, the ending of the season hints that he's about to do way more traveling than that, as he intends to follow his obsession to the end of the world. This will likely be pretty difficult for him, since the news of a gory string of murders tends to linger, especially when the remains of one of the biggest persons of interest are conspicuously absent. 

Armchair detectives and actual detectives can work for years on end to try and establish every facet of an interesting case, and the fact that Joe hasn't bothered to alter his appearance in any way doesn't exactly make their job any harder. If he doesn't even deign to get a haircut and grow a mustache or something, he might find out that the next "Hey, You" in the show is directed at him, by the authorities.

Have we seen the last of Madre Linda?

Joe's marriage ended in a pretty fiery fashion in "You" Season 3, but even though Love is now dead, he's not entirely without family. Joe and Love's son, Henry, is still in Madre Linda in the custody of Dante Ferguson (Ben Mehl) and his partner, and while the show suggests that things will turn out pretty well for the young man, who knows what lies in his future? While we doubt that it'll happen in a hurry, it's perfectly possible that Joe's path will take him back to Madre Linda at some point in the future — either because of Henry, or because some other loose end necessitates a revisit. 

"You" hasn't exactly shied away from bringing up Joe's past deeds, and even though he continues to roam the world at large, Madre Linda does seem like the kind of era in his life that'll come back to haunt him in some fashion. Perhaps a plucky police detective will grow suspicious over the lack of Joe's remains — toes notwithstanding — and starts digging. Maybe Joe will bump into Sherry (Shalita Grant) and Cary (Travis Van Winkle), who have turned their traumatic glass cage experience into a successful career as writers and motivational speakers. Regardless of what will happen, it's hard to believe that the affluent neighborhood of Madre Linda is quite as done with Joe as he might like.

How will Joe build his glass boxes going forward?

One of Joe's main methods of mayhem is the infamous glass box, in which he has locked up his prospective victims in all three seasons of "You." The high-tech bulletproof glass cage is a pretty impressive feat of engineering, and would cost up to $110,000 to make professionally (per The Tab). Even though Joe's obviously a DIY kind of guy, these sorts of cages are still pretty labor-intensive and require some very specific materials, which he presumably can't just order online without someone raising their eyebrows after the third repeat order of expensive locks and bulletproof plexiglass. 

It's one thing to have one of these cages while he's based in New York during Season 1, and you could allow that he has a realistic chance to construct a new one for his Season 2 stint in L.A. One could even overlook the fact that he whips up another cage without issue when the situation calls for it in Season 3. However, it's very hard to see how he's able to pull this off going forward, due to his new globe-trotting lifestyle. 

Oh, the glass box will almost certainly make an appearance in Season 4. It's virtually a main character by now. Still, you have to hope that the show will at least address Joe's difficulties to procure the materials. Maybe he'll just feel lazy and borrow the one Cary and Sherry use in their TED talk.