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The Wildest Criminal Minds Storylines That Sound Fake

"Criminal Minds," like many other popular crime series of the 2000s, certainly has no shortage of crazy character storylines. Sometimes they were explored to a satisfying end and sometimes they were left completely unanswered. Either way, nearly all of the "Criminal Minds" team has some serious baggage, whether it's drug addictions, abuse, neglect, or general trauma from dealing with sociopaths on a daily basis.

Fans are still combing the series over after its conclusion in February of 2020, finding any and all tidbits and facts that we might have missed or forgotten along the way. One thread on Reddit has gone above and beyond to list some of the wildest and most notable information from the storylines of multiple characters, from BAU members to unsubs.

Prompted by user u/CMStan1313 after they requested that other fans tell them crazy spoilers about the show, another user, u/GlitchingGecko, rattled off a list of the most shocking parts of character storylines on "Criminal Minds."

Hotch has killed three unsubs with his bare hands

Reddit user u/GlitchingGecko noted that a member of the BAU has actually killed three of the unsubs that the team hunted down with his bare hands. Hotch (Thomas Gibson) killing more than one unsub shouldn't come as too much of a surprise — he has the most kills of any BAU member, with Morgan following close behind. But Hotch has killed three of these unsubs using his own force rather than a weapon. 

One of Hotch's major storylines surrounded the death of his wife at the hands of serial killer George Foyet. Out of anger, grief, and vengeance, Hotch beats Foyet to death rather than hand him over to law enforcement. Often times the BAU's mission ends in the death of an unsub, but with Hotch, this was personal and crossed an ethical line. Elsewhere in the show, Hotch accidentally pushed an unsub down a well, though he unsuccessfully attempted to save him.

Rossi married a blackjack dealer and met two famous serial killers

Agent David Rossi (Joe Mantegna) has a wild past, from his previous relationships to his interactions with famous serial killers. User u/GlitchingGecko reminded fans that Rossi actually married a Vegas Blackjack dealer named Krystall Richards. Rossi and Krystall met a long time ago in Vegas, had a one-night stand, got married in Vegas, sobered up, and split up. They eventually reconnected after Krystall's daughter, Portia, whom she had with another husband, got married after growing up a massive fan of Rossi's books. Krystall doesn't actually appear until season 13 of the show, however.

Rossi also managed to meet and talk with Ted Bundy and Charles Manson in the series. In a Season 3 episode titled "Limelight," Rossi discusses his interview with Bundy and even quotes him. Although in the case of Manson, Rossi never reveals if he interviewed Manson, but makes a comment to Hotch in Season 5 about his taste in music in relation to Manson. Either way, it is incredible that Rossi was so close to two of the most notorious killers in modern history.

An unsub once served an entire search party human remains

Another comment from user u/ZelGeisler pointed to an incredibly unsettling and chilling storyline from an episode of "Criminal Minds" that's hard to believe. They said, "don't eat the barbecue during the search party!", which is a reference to Episode 8 of Season 3 titled, "Lucky." In the episode, the BAU team follows a string of murders in Bridgewater, Florida from a Satanic and cannibalistic serial killer discovered to be Floyd Feylinn Ferell (Jamie Kennedy). 

The BAU team was able to find the body of one missing woman in a nearby river, a satanic symbol cut in her chest and fingers cut off, but another woman also went missing during the investigation before they were able to determine that the killer was Ferrell. Ferrell reveals subtly that he had already killed the woman they were searching for, spreading her remains in the chili that was served to everyone at the search party.

Of all the storylines that have been hard to believe, this brief comment from u/ZelGeisler probably points to the most unbelievable, and definitely the most gruesome. "Criminal Minds" has notoriously pushed the envelope for unsubs in certain episodes, and many fans agree that this particular episode is one they really don't need to watch again.