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Ikaris Gets The Spotlight In A New Eternals Clip

"Eternals," the next, long-awaited entry in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), is coming to theaters November 5, and we're starting to get bigger glimpses of filmmaker ChloƩ Zhao's vision for the movie, as well as insights from the cast regarding their roles and experiences on set. "Eternals" is said to be introducing a brand new side of the MCU, exploring ideas and realms never before put to screen, and critics are already raving about its "groundbreaking" spectacle.

The film will be jam-packed with introductions to a whole new range of characters, and boasts the longest runtime since 2019's "Avengers: Endgame," which had a decade of storytelling to sew up. Most of the footage we've seen so far from "Eternals" ahead of its release showcases the same few locations and characters, but in a brand-new clip released via IGN on YouTube, fans can see multiple Eternals in action as they put their awesome powers to use. It maybe our best look yet.

Richard Madden's Ikaris gets a heroic introduction

A brand-new clip from "Eternals" shows off Ikaris (Richard Madden) as he flexes his powers alongside Sersi (Gemma Chan). Kit Harrington's Black Knight and Gemma Chan's Sersi are pursued across a dark road by a ferocious beast that appears to be a Deviant of some sort. Suddenly, the monster is propelled backward by a figure moving too fast to identify. Seconds later, backed by a triumphant score, Ikaris steps into frame.

Before we can take Ikaris in, it's back to the action, as the Deviant flips a bus upside-down. Sersi steps in, transforming the gigantic transport vehicle into a flood of red rose petals, one of which Black Knight catches between his fingers.

While the whole scene is a bit dark, the action is thrilling and kinetic, the product of what Zhao has described as her directorial ethos of Villeneuve-inspired, practical effects-driven filmmaking. "Eternals" marks the up-and-coming director's transition to big-budget action movies, following her previous film, the critical darling, "Nomadland."