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The Ending Of My Name Season 1 Explained

The newest Korean revenge thriller to premiere on Netflix is the heart-pounding series "My Name," and fans of other intense Korean shows like "Squid Game" are sure to enjoy it as well. "My Name" follows a woman named Yoon Ji-woo (Han Soo-hee) whose father Yoon Dong-hoon (Yoon Kyung-ho) is a gangster who heads a dangerous organization known as Dongcheon. At the age of 17, Ji-woo witnesses her father's murder and vows to get revenge by any means necessary — even infiltrating the police force and working as an undercover cop.

The entire first season of "My Name" is available to watch on Netflix, and throughout each episode, we watch as Ji-woo becomes a skilled fighter with the help of her father's close friend Choi Mu-jin (Park Hee-soon), and works hard to discover who's behind her father's death. While we wait for an official update on a second season of "My Name," let's go over what happened at the end of Season 1.

No one can be trusted in My Name

Like most good thrillers, "My Name" is full of twists and turns that keep the audience on the edges of their seats — and no one is who they say they are. Originally, it's believed that Ji-woo's father, Dong-hoon, is a drug lord, but it's eventually revealed that he was actually a cop named Song Joon-su posing as a gangster for his assignment. When Mu-jin discovered Dong-hoon's true identity, he killed his so-called friend out of anger at the betrayal. This means that the whole time Mu-jin was supposedly helping Ji-woo train and track down her father's killer, he was keeping her further from the truth than she'd realized.

Of course, Mu-jin isn't the only shady character in "My Name." Ji-woo is deceitful as she works with both the gangsters who were close to her father, as well as her police partner Jeon Pil-do (Ahn Bo-hyun) to find the truth; Do Gang-jae (Chang Ryul) is a violent criminal who tries to take down Dongcheon by starting his own gang; and the police captain Cha Gi-ho (Kim Sang-ho) has plenty of his own secrets.

The unexpected love scene

In the season finale, Ji-woo and Pil-do hunker down in an abandoned beach house to stay hidden and take care of their wounds. After a night of being vulnerable with one another, the two eventually hook up — despite there not being many hints of a possible romance before that point.

Some fans have taken to Reddit to share their thoughts on the love scene, like one Redditor named u/_Arlotte_ who wrote, "it kinda took the flow out of the story due to the lack of build up." Similarly, Redditor u/cheese_tyrant noted "it was so random which made it kinda awkward and made me question the [necessity] of it." However, a different user named u/saurjia argued, "I thought it fit quite well; a moment for jiwoo to feel human and be naked both figuratively and literally."

The director of "My Name," Kim Jin-min, discussed his decision to add the tender moment. "After thinking about what action could halt Jiwoo's unstoppable thought of revenge for a moment and change her mind, I agreed with the choice of making that scene," he said, per KBIZoom. "No matter how many times Pildo tried to stop Jiwoo, she never thought of giving up. Isn't she a person who had not felt the warmth from others and wandered for a long time? I wanted to show that Jiwoo is not a monster. [...] I heard people reacted saying the scene happened 'out of the blue,' but I have no regret directing that scene."

Revenge is a dish best served cold in My Name

Unfortunately for those who enjoyed the romantic moment between Ji-woo and Pil-do, the show quickly squashed any hopes of a future romance for the two. Soon after they get together, Pil-do is unexpectedly shot in the head by Mu-jin right in front of Ji-woo, which essentially kicks off her revenge mission once and for all. To make matters even worse, right before Pil-do's death, Ji-woo was considering turning herself in rather than getting revenge on Mu-jin — but everything changes after Pil-do is murdered.

After defeating Mu-jin's toadies, Ji-woo reaches Mu-jin, and the two have a knife fight to the death. Ji-woo seemingly loses control and gives everything she has in the intense battle, and she fatally stabs Mu-jin before watching him die. His slow death is a gratifying moment for Ji-woo, who'd lost so much at his hands, even though she'd essentially turned into a version of Mu-jin in the process — cold and ruthless.

The director of My Name spoke about a possible Season 2

While we have our own theories as to whether or not there will be another season of "My Name," director Kim Jin-min revealed his personal thoughts on the show's future.

As reported by Hallyu LA, Kim recently spoke to the Korean news outlet Sports Chosun about "My Name," and discussed the possibility of a 2nd season. "If there's a season 2, the writers need to prepare and figure out how to solve Han So-Hee's character," he said. "It will be up to those who will make the second season, it might not be me. I joined the series as a director without any plans for a second season. It's up to writer Kim Ba-Da who wrote the series and Netflix to work together. For now, this is it for me."

For now, it looks like we'll have to wait for an official announcement from Netflix on the show's future. But with the series currently ranking high on the streamer's trending list, we wouldn't be surprised to see more seasons of "My Name" in the future.