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Fairview - What We Know So Far

Stephen Colbert has been one of the preeminent names in late night television for well over two decades now. He, of course, got his start in the late-nineties playing a smarmy political correspondent on Jon Stewart's legendary, not-so-satirical news program "The Daily Show," before spinning off into his own news-spoof "The Colbert Report." Since 2015, however, Colbert has earned raves, and multiple Emmy wins, as the host of CBS' late night talk show "The Late Show."

If you've been following his tenure on "The Late Show," you know Colbert as occasionally dabbled in animation to earn a laugh or two. That dabbling led to the creation of a pair of politically-charged animated shows in "Tooning Out the News," and "Our Cartoon President." Seems the funnyman is looking to build his own little animated empire, as he's got a pair of new comedies hitting the airwaves in the very near future. The first is called "Washingtonia," which is slated to arrive later this fall. As for the second, it's titled "Fairview." Here's everything we know about so far about the latter series.

When will Fairview be released?

As it is, a lot of information accompanied the announcement of "Fairview," which Deadline covered in September 2021. The most vital behind-the-scenes details for the series are that Colbert will indeed be producing the series alongside "Tooning Out the News" collaborators R.J. Fried, Mike Leech, and Chris Licht, with "Our Cartoon President" writers Tim Luecke and Zach Smilovitz joining the fun, and former "The Colbert Report" producer Kim Gamble filling out the producing team.

Also noted in the Deadline report is that "Fairview" will be joining "Washingtonia" on extended cable staple Comedy Central, which means it will be able to bring a no-holds-barred approach (a la CC's "South Park") to its politically-charged narrative. It remains to be seen if "Fairview" will push the bounds of comedic decency in the same fashion as that iconic Comedy Central series, but one can hope, right? As for when we'll get to see the new series, no official release date has been announced for "Fairview," but that Deadline piece mentions the series is eyeing an early 2022 release. So, stay tuned for that official release date announcement. 

Who will star in Fairview?

Now that we know the arrival of "Fairview" to Comedy Central is more or less imminent, you might be wondering who will be joining the voice cast of the animated venture. And you'll be pleased to know then that, according to Animation Magazine, the series has lined up an impressive cast so far, including Aparna Nancherla ("BoJack Horseman"), Atsuko Okatsuka ("Room 104"), Carl Foreman Jr. ("Search Party"), James Austin Johnson ("Future Man"), Lisa Gilroy ("Brooklyn Nine-Nine"), and several alums from both "Our Cartoon President" and "Tooning Out the News."

It's unclear as of this writing just who will be voicing what characters, exactly, when "Fairview" begins its eight-episode run on Comedy Central next year, but we'll be sure to update things if and when more information about the cast is made available. Until then, you can know that Colbert and company have brought a talented group aboard for their latest satirical beast, and they'll no doubt bring some serious snark to the world of "Fairview."

What is Fairview about?

While we don't yet know who is voicing who on "Fairview," we do have a pretty good idea of what the characters will be doing on the show. And even in spite of Stephen Colbert's recent dust-up with the Midwest mecca of Milwaukee, Wisconsin (via Milwaukee Independent), "Fairview" will apparently be a middle-America skewering satire.

Per that Deadline piece, the series is set to be a hyper-topical affair that examines the effects of national politics on small town America. More specifically, we'll get a glimpse of the ensuing drama said politics bring to "the Natty Light-chugging, grocery store parking lot-fighting, public urinating town of Fairview." And we'll be seeing that all unfold through the eyes of the town's down-to-Earth Mayor Kelly Sampson, herself a reformed party girl — with the reputation to match. 

At least on the surface, that synopsis paints "Fairview" in a "'South Park' by way of Colbert" sort of light. And if you're into those two hyper-specific vibes, this show looks like it will be right down your satirical alley.