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Why Chicago Fire Fans Are Worried About Casey After Season 10 Episode 4

"Chicago Fire" is only four episodes into its 10th season, and already, new developments are causing a stir among the fans. That's because one of the current plot lines, as advanced in "The Right Thing," basically says flat-out that Casey (Jesse Spencer), an original member of the "Chicago Fire" cast, is looking for an exit.

It actually all started in the first five minutes of the show's first episode back in 2012. Firefighter Andy Darden (Chris Sorenson) dies in a flaming inferno when he attempts a rescue before a house has been properly vented. His death acts as a catalyst for many of the show's storylines, from in-house power plays to the fragmenting of personal relationships. In Wednesday's episode, Matthew Casey visits Oregon to check on Darden's sons, Griffin (Cameron Scott Roberts) and Ben (Charlie Babbo).

He finds that the boys no longer have a guardian. Griffin is holding things together by himself, while Ben seems to be on a downward spiral involving late nights and maybe drugs — Griffin says, "He's a mess." Casey tries to help, but there's only so much assistance he can provide. Then, a social worker and guidance counselor tell him they want to split the boys up and send them to foster homes. Bringing the young men to Chicago won't work, as their mom is in a jail nearby serving time for a DUI, and the counselors don't think moving them would be good.

By the end of the episode, Casey is telling Christopher Herrmann (David Eigenberg) about his decision to move. "I gotta be honest ... it breaks my heart to hear you say that because I know it means you're leaving 51," Herrmann says, "but it's what Andy would have wanted." Cut to the credits. Naturally, this has fans very reasonably concerned. 

Casey is doing the right thing for Andy's kids

Online, fans are discussing the matter seriously, as this is a pretty clear indication that things are going to change on the show.

"50 minutes in and thinking that they are selling the 'Casey is going to leave Chicago idea hard, aren't they?" asked u/RebelYell_12 in a Reddit discussion thread for the episode.

u/vengefulmuffins replied, "If Casey leaves this will be the most mad I've been at a tv show since the Grey's plane crash." (They're referring, of course, to the eighth season "Grey's Anatomy" final episode, which killed off Chyler Leigh's Lexie Grey in a heartbreaking way.) 

Another user, u/KnightSaziel, said, "I really hope Casey isn't leaving. I just got into the show a couple of months ago and binged every season. He's my favorite character, so if he leaves, I'm going to be so upset, lol."

Whatever is actually happening behind the scenes, "Chicago Fire" is definitely bringing the drama — especially since Casey's relationship with Brett (Kara Killmer) seems to be going well. "Speculation is running wild if Casey is leaving, from what I read it doesn't look like he is but it sure is getting interesting," wrote u/Zman2734.

Media sources (like The Sun) are reporting that Spencer has not announced his departure from the show, but doing that would spoil the surprise if that's what's coming. So Casey's future status is currently unknown.