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Here's What The Actor Who Plays Michael Myers Looks Like In Halloween Kills

Contains spoilers for "Halloween Kills"

"Halloween Kills" is the eagerly-anticipated sequel to 2018's "Halloween," and promotional materials for the movie have teased fans of the franchise by implying horror icon Michael Myers would appear unmasked in the followup movie. While many actors have portrayed the knife-wielding killer throughout its 13-film history, viewers have only ever been treated to brief glimpses of a mask-less Michael Myers. While Nick Castle played The Shape in the 1978 original "Halloween," actor Tony Moran's face was revealed beneath the mask when Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis) briefly ripped away Michael's mask — but only for about five seconds. 

In director David Gordon Green's reboot/sequel "Halloween," both Nick Castle and James Jude Courtney portrayed the iconic villain. Glimpses of Courtney were shown when the character was reintroduced inside a mental hospital. The balding, grey-stubbled figure eventually retrieved his neutral, white-washed mask, covering his features completely. So what does Michael Myers look like beneath the mask in "Halloween Kills"? Beware: Spoilers lie ahead.

It's all still a big tease

In "Halloween Kills," Michael Myers escapes the trap Laurie Strode set for him in "Halloween" and slaughters the firemen who aid his escape by putting out the fire that was meant to kill him. What follows is a bloody rampage as the killer makes his way from Laurie's burning house back to his childhood home. Meanwhile, a mob of vigilantes gather to hunt him down, led by Tommy Doyle (Anthony Michael Hall). Throughout the rest of the movie, Michael's unmasking is teased. An original film survivor, Lindsey Wallace (Kyle Richards), almost tears his mask away during their reunion, and later, Laurie's daughter Karen (Judy Greer) manages to completely remove Michael's mask. These characters realize his mask is Michael's greatest weakness, and more importantly, removing it is the only way to slow him down or stop him. 

However, director David Gordon Green never fully reveals Michael's face to viewers. Using wide shots and shadows, the killer's face is always obscured and never shown in profile. Even a newscast announcing Michael Myers' escape shows a blurred mugshot of his human features. Again, we're only allowed to see a tall, balding, grey-stubbled figure from a distance, but it's clear the actor playing the character in those scenes is James Jude Courtney.

A reveal is likely in Halloween Ends

James Jude Courtney is set to reprise his role as The Shape in "Halloween Ends," which is expected to have a 2022 release. Part of the success for the rebooted "Halloween" franchise is due in part to Courtney's committed performance as the horror icon. In an interview with TMZ Live, the actor revealed he'd benefitted from feedback from real-life killers. The actor spent time in a psychiatric hospital consulting paranoid schizophrenics who had killed people and also received a critique on his acting from a former hitman.

In an interview with TGN, director David Gordon Green gave insight into where "Halloween Ends" will pick up after the events of "Halloween Kills." One thing is certain — it will involve a Laurie Strode and Michael Myers confrontation. "Well, we're going to take a four-year leap in time, and then we'll figure that out," he said.