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A Halloween Kills Extended Cut Is Already Coming

With the spooky season fast approaching, the perfect horror complement to the Halloween holiday itself is also arriving. "Halloween Kills" is the newest film in the famous terror franchise and the second in a trilogy of movies from director David Gordon Green. The latest movie has the character Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis) band with her daughter Karen Nelson (Judy Greer) and granddaughter Allyson Nelson (Andi Matichak) to finally take down Michael Myers (James Jude Courtney). It's a tall order and also a very bloody one, as "Halloween Kills" is oh so gory. But the story makes for the perfect movie to help bring in some entertaining scares.

Hardcore fans of the "Halloween" series are probably already awaiting to add "Halloween Kills" to their home movie collection, especially as this would make it the 12th film in the entire franchise. We're probably going to need longer bookshelves. However, according to Green, fans also have another major reason to look forward to a home release, as he confirmed that it will include an extended cut of the movie.

The home version of Halloween Kills includes more to the ending

While speaking with Collider, "Halloween Kills" director David Gordon Green revealed that the Blu-ray version of the film will contain an extended ending that includes a scene that was initially filmed but ultimately cut out. "This is the director's cut through and through, but there's an additional scene that we filmed that was scripted," Green said in the interview. "And actually, I think is a pretty brilliant scene. So we're going to do an extended version on the DVD, just so people can see an extended ending that's different and cool."

Green also revealed that the decision to take it out came because it wouldn't have quite fit with the story direction for the planned "Halloween Ends," the final installment in the latest "Halloween" trilogy, which is currently scheduled to begin shooting in January 2022. We're curious to see just how different this extended ending would have been compared to how Green decided to end "Halloween Kills" and just how it could have completely changed the direction of this current trilogy. Jamie Lee Curtis definitely doesn't have any problems with the film's ending, as she hyped up the last 10 minutes of the movie in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter.