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That's A Series Wrap For Jodie Whittaker As Doctor Who

Jodie Whittaker has delighted fans with her exuberant take on the iconic Doctor. As the first woman to take the mantle since the show first debuted almost 60 years ago, Whittaker both made history and explored it, taking her diverse cast of companions on timey-wimey adventures to the far reaches of space, as well as to historical events such as the American civil rights movement of the 1950s.

Whittaker's take on the Doctor was notably positive, an open-minded adventurer who made her new sonic screwdriver out of old spoons and cracked a gleeful smile when danger arrived. She was a fierce champion for human rights, and the show often played to the concerns of our time with episodes such as "Kerblam!" that dealt with workers' rights at an Amazon-like intergalactic shopping giant. The actor was selected for the role of the 13th Doctor by showrunner Chris Chibnall, who had previously worked with Whittaker in his critically acclaimed crime drama "Broadchurch."

Now, as her third and final season approaches, Whittaker and her co-star, Mandip Gill, have taken to the BBC Twitter to let fans know they've reached a major production milestone.

Jodie Whittaker's final season as The Doctor has finished filming

Mandip Gill, who plays police officer and companion Yasmin Khan on "Doctor Who," posed with Jodie Whittaker for a photo to announce that the show has finished filming Season 13. The upcoming season, Whittaker's third, is confirmed to be her last (via Doctor Who: Flux on Twitter). Her inclusion in the photo is leading fans to speculate that Gill will depart as well.

Russel T. Davies, who helmed the rebooted "Doctor Who" from its first season in 2005 until its fourth in 2007, will return to replace Chris Chibnall as showrunner, and is expected to cast a new Doctor. As the third showrunner of "new-Who," Chibnall brought an emphasis on diversity and compassion to his seasons of the longest-running sci-fi show in history. His episodes typically featured visits to important historical moments from the past, especially those that defined a struggle for the liberation of marginalized groups.

Chibnall and Whittaker's final season, fully titled, "Doctor Who: Flux," has fans hyped with the promise of a unique storytelling structure never before seen on the show. It will run for six episodes and will premiere on the BBC starting October 31 (via Radio Times).