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Harvest Moon - What We Know So Far

We knew it was coming, but now it's finally here — the arrival of films set during the pandemic. Even though we're still emotionally recovering from the stress of our new COVID-19 reality, seeing these past few years play out on the screen sounds like a welcome, cathartic experience. Art does indeed imitate life, and we're excited by the prospect of great storytelling inspired by such unprecedented, life-changing events.

Deadline has recently reported on the green lighting of a new film, "Harvest Moon." Paul Bettany, hot off his MCU run as Vision, co-wrote the script during lockdown with Dana Brown, and will also be starring in the movie. The film has Mark Waters onboard as director, too, who is known for directing projects like "Mean Girls," "Ghost of Girlfriends Past," and most recently, Netflix original "He's All That."

"Harvest Moon" is still in pre-production, so many details about the project are still unknown at this time. However, we do have some insight into what the movie entails — and we are extremely excited to eventually see this one.

What's the release date of Harvest Moon?

No release date has been set yet for "Harvest Moon." However, it's likely that production, backed by studio giant Miramax, will begin soon.

Speaking to Deadline, Paul Bettany shared that the film came together quickly, calling the experience "enormously gratifying and also hilarious." He elaborated on the project, saying, "Dana [Brown] and I wrote [the script] to keep ourselves sane during lockdown and now we're off to shoot with an incredible creative team led by Mark Waters. It's all a bit of a dream. I'm very excited." 

It's unknown where "Harvest Moon" will be shooting, but as pandemic restrictions are largely lifted in the United States and in the United Kingdom, where Bettany is from, it seems likely that project will begin shooting sooner rather than later. Additionally, in the Northern Hemisphere, the actual harvest moon is the full moon closet to the Autumn Equinox — perhaps, then, the studio will be aiming for a September 2022 release.

Who is in the cast of Harvest Moon?

Paul Bettany is leading an impressive cast in "Harvest Moon," as revealed by Deadline. Hollywood icon Candice Bergen is set to star in the film, along with Cary Elwes, known for his work in two very contrasting films — those being "The Princess Bride," where he played Westley, and "Saw," where he was Dr. Gordon. Carmen Ejogo is committed to the film, too, who has been delighting audiences for years as part of some major projects, including the first two "Fantastic Beasts" films as Seraphina Picquery, as well as portraying the extraordinary Coretta Scott King in "Selma," and Amelia Reardon in "True Detective" Season 3.

Some lesser-known actors are joining "Harvest Moon," too, including Staz Nair, who starred in "Game of Thrones" as Qhono. Young actress Malia Baker, best known for her work in Netlix series "The Babysitters Club" is on board, as well as "Diary of a Future President" young actor Connor Falk, and child performer Riley Locc. Rodney Richardson, a talented actor who has appeared in a number of popular television series, rounds out the cast.

No details on characters have been released yet, but we anticipate some stellar performances from this accomplished group.

What is the plot of Harvest Moon?

Of course, a great cast is nothing without a great story for them to tell, but we feel confident "Harvest Moon" will be being an engaging watch for viewers. 

The film tells the classic tale of a child who wants to get his separated parents back together, only this time, he has the stress and limitations of the COVID-19 pandemic in his way. As producer and Miramax CEO Bill Block told Deadline, "This heartwarming film reimagines complicated, but comical family relations under the unique challenges presented by the pandemic."

Though we're unsure exactly what to expect from "Harvest Moon," we welcome any opportunity for a new heartfelt family comedy. After the stress of the past few years, too, an uplifting look at the silver lining of the pandemic might be exactly what audiences need. In the meantime, we'll be keeping our eyes peeled for more details on "Harvest Moon" — and feeling grateful that "WandaVision" didn't mark the end of seeing the talented Paul Bettany on our screens.