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Sylvester Stallone Just Shared A Behind-The-Scenes Look At The Next Expendables Flick

2010's "The Expendables" fulfills every old-school action movie fan's day dreams with an all-star cast that features some of the biggest action heroes of various decades, from classic musclemen Sylvester Stallone, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Dolph Lungdren to martial arts superstar Jet Li and next-generation action star Jason Statham. The movie's two sequels add more and more names in the mix, from Jean-Claude Van Damme to Chuck Norris. 

"The Expendables" movies know perfectly well what they are, and execute their punchy premise in a fittingly explosive fashion. However, fans of the series have been waiting for a new movie for quite a while now. "The Expendables 3" arrived way back in 2014, and with each passing year, chances for more mercenary action have seemed slimmer and slimmer. After all, series primus motor Stallone is now well into his 70s — does he and his generation of action actors still have one more team-up in them? 

Of course they do! "The Expendables 4" is absolutely coming, with a bunch of returning franchise stars, and some fresh blood in the shape of Megan Fox, Tony Jaa, 50 Cent, and the legendary Andy Garcia. While you'll still need to wait for a while before you get to see what may very well be the last stand of the team as you know it, the production is now underway. This means that juicy behind-the-scenes details start trickling in, and indeed, Stallone just shared a cool look at the next "Expendables" flick.

Barney Ross still has an eye for a cool chopper

This new "The Expendables 4" imagery comes straight from Sylvester Stallone's official Instagram account. The heavily blue-tinted video clip shows Stallone on a very cool custom chopper motorcycle, chomping on a cigar, and sporting a plaid shirt, some heavy bracelets, and a pair of aviator shades. This being Stallone, this could simply be the legendary action star enjoying a perfectly normal Sunday afternoon, but the caption of the clip reveals what's really going on. "Some behind the scenes of the NEW EXPENDABLES," the text reads. 

It looks like Stallone is indeed giving fans a taste of what Barney Ross will look like in the upcoming movie, or at the very least offering a sneak peek at the Expendables leader's latest two-wheeled toy. This suitably cryptic "The Expendables 4" tease follows Jason Statham's recent "Expendables 4" Instagram post, and while neither revealed too many things about the film, it's good to know that the Expendables are well and truly back in the saddle — literally, in Stallone's case.