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Expendables 4 - What We Know So Far

"The Expendables" was released in 2010 and was a box office success, grossing $274 million worldwide (via Box Office Mojo). While it wasn't exactly a critical darling, fans seemed to appreciate the old school action thrills that the movie brought to the table, especially with well-known action stars like Sylvester Stallone, Jason Statham, and Dolph Lundgren at the helm. The film has an upsetting 42% score on Rotten Tomatoes, but a respectable 64% audience score. Unsurprisingly, it spawned two sequels that were also moderate financial successes (per The Numbers), and talks of a fourth film have been going around since "Expendables 3" released in 2014.

While "Expendables 4" was announced to be in the works back in 2018, news relating to the long-gestating project has been sparse since then. Given that "The Expendables" franchise has grossed nearly $800 million worldwide (according to Box Office Mojo), it was only a matter of time before the fourth entry got underway. According to an exclusive fromĀ The Hollywood Reporter, "Expendables 4" has a new production schedule and an ever-growing cast list that currently boasts actors who have appeared in the franchise before and ones who haven't.

Now that we have more information on the movie than ever, we can take a deep dive into everything we know about "Expendables 4."

When will Expendables 4 release?

One new tidbit of information regarding "Expendables 4" is that the film is expected to begin production this October. If things stay on schedule, it's reasonable to assume that "Expendables 4" will release sometime in late 2022 or early 2023. If the latter, this would have the film releasing approximately nine years after the third film. The first three "Expendables" films were all released in August of their respective years, so that's something to keep in mind as well.

However, given that COVID is still a significant threat to the world and film productions, the safety measures in place could very well slow things down. A late 2022 or early 2023 date would make sense in a normal world, but with the pandemic in mind, it could easily be later before "Expendables 4" hits the big screen. It's important to keep in mind that no release date has been set or announced by the studio or anyone involved with the project, so all we can do right now is speculate.

Who is in the cast for Expendables 4?

The cast for the "Expendables" franchise has been nothing short of monumental thus far, especially for fans of '80s and '90s action films. This time around, actors from the previous movies are set to return, but "Expendables 4" will also add some new blood to the cast. The returning stars include Sylvester Stallone, Jason Statham, Dolph Lundgren, and Randy Couture. Newcomers Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson, Megan Fox, and Tony Jaa will also help round out the cast.

It's not yet known who the newbies will be portraying in the project, but it's likely that some of them will be joining the Expendables squad, with Fox playing the female lead. It's also possible that one of the new actors will be portraying the main antagonist for the movie, but that is also speculation at this point.

In addition to the cast announcement, it's also been revealed that "Need For Speed" director Scott Waugh will be helming "Expendables 4." Screenwriter Spenser Cohen wrote the original script for the film, and Max Adams and John Joseph provided additional revisions.

What is the plot for Expendable 4?

Figuring out the plot for "Expendables 4" is no easy feat, but Sylvester Stallone himself might have given us a hint. According to The Illuminderdi, an "Expendables" spin-off film starring Jason Statham's character, Lee Christmas, was in the works in January 2020. The outlet reported the tentative title was "The Expendables: A Christmas Story." Stallone recently posted on his Instagram story that he was heading off to work on a "spinoff of the EXPENDABLES" and noted its working title was "Christmas Story." It looks like that Statham-centered movie will be the fourth film in the franchise after all.

The Hollywood Reporter added that the film would see Statham in the spotlight, with Stallone riding shotgun. It comes as no surprise that Lee Christmas will take center stage, given that he's always been the right-hand man and second-in-command to Stallone's Barney Ross.

Fans will surely get more information relating to the actual plot of "Expendables 4" over the coming months once production begins in October.