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The Loki Variant You Are Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe were first introduced to Loki (Tom Hiddleston), the god of mischief, in 2011 via his adoptive brother's first solo movie, "Thor," during which his machinations set Thor (Chris Hemsworth) up for banishment to Midgard-Earth. His further mischief in that outing included send the Destroyer to Earth, thus unwittingly providing Thor the chance to prove himself worthy. Loki next showed up in 2012's "The Avengers," leading an army of Chitauri warriors — supplied by Thanos (Josh Brolin) — to invade and conquer Earth. Fortunately, the title team managed to defeat him and the trickster was sent to a prison cell on Asgard.

Audiences got to see another side of Loki in the next Asgardian adventure, "Thor: The Dark World." The second Thor movie offered the first real shift in Loki's character, from avaricious would-be conqueror to avenging son, and he proved there was good in him, indeed. The god of mischief proved it further in "Thor: Ragnarok" when, instead of fleeing in the Grandmaster's (Jeff Goldblum) ship, he helped fight the minions of Hela (Cate Blanchett) and save the people of Asgard. 

Throughout his arc in the MCU, Loki has shifted from being a power-mad snake to reluctant hero, showing viewers multiple facets of the character, though no one could have been prepared for what awaited in the "Loki" series on Disney+. Instead of seeing multiple dimensions of Loki, we saw all manner of Loki variants, each with their own unique characteristics with which people may identify, based on their own personalities and respective natures. Here's a rundown of the Loki variant you are based on your zodiac sign.

Libra is Loki Variant L1130

The "Loki" series features Tom Hiddleston in the role of Loki Variant L1130, a product of one botched aspect of the time heist in "Avengers: Endgame." When Ant-Man (Paul Rudd), Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr.), and Captain America (Chris Evans) travel back in time through the quantum realm to 2012, they inadvertently allow Loki to escape with the Tesseract after the Battle of New York, events that canonically took place in "The Avengers." Variant L1130 hasn't had the benefit of the maturation Loki experienced during the rest of his MCU arc — he was just defeated after trying to conquer Earth. But in the Time Variance Authority's headquarters, he does get to see where his path eventually leads him: death. Such a stark reminder of one's actual mortality — he considers himself a god, after all — is enough to give anyone cause to stop a think.

By the end of "Loki" Episode 6, Variant L1130 finds himself at a crossroads, with Sylvie (Sophia Di Martino) and ultimate freedom in one direction and He Who Remains (Jonathan Majors) and the dictatorial TVA timeline in the other. Fearing whatever unknown beings that could rush in to fill the void if they kill He Who Remains, L1130 opts to deal with the devil he knows. In light of this decision, Variant L1130 is most in line with Libra, which The List tells us is all about balance and harmony. This variant is content to endure the TVA's regime for stability. We'd imagine this brings a timeless Ben Franklin quote to mind for Sylvie: "Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety."

Scorpio is Sylvie

Loki variant Sylvie Laufeydottir, as would be her proper name under Asgardian nomenclature, first shows up in "Loki" Episode 2, revealed as the culprit behind the deaths of all those TVA minutemen. She's led a life that's complicated at best; in her view, she was kidnapped by the TVA and imprisoned, with her parents and entire world and timeline destroyed at their hands. As a child this Loki variant escapes TVA custody by use of a TemPad and sets about hiding in various events in the timelines. Since her very existence causes red flags to go up in any given time and place, attracting the attention of the TVA, she takes to flitting about in between apocalyptic events, wherein her presence doesn't even make a blip, with all the world going to hell around her.

Sylvie becomes an unlikely love interest for Variant L1130, though it's unclear if their affections are primarily romantic or platonic. Above all else, they're certainly allies, and Sylvie manages to convince L1130 that the TVA is a front for something much worse, a totalitarian regime she seeks to topple in recompense for her life being stolen from her.

Revenge is Sylvie's primary motivation, though we're not sure that's a characteristic found in many astrological descriptions. Instead, we submit that Sylvie most closely represents Scorpio, as, per The List, Scorpios are passionately driven and dedicated to their respective causes. Additionally, like Scorpios, Sylvie pursues her goal by methodically plotting several moves ahead, anticipating the outcome to her first steps in order to plan the next several.

Pisces is Classic Loki

The Classic Loki variant is a curious case. His life was exactly the same as that of Loki Prime — the Loki of the TVA-curated timeline in which events of the MCU originally played out — except that he survived Thanos' attack on the Grandmaster's hijacked ship, the Statesman. To avoid meeting his end at the hand of the Mad Titan, Classic Loki played to his strengths; rather than risking a physical assault that would surely end in his demise, he used his powers of illusion to trick Thanos into thinking he'd killed Loki. In reality, he was simply hidden on the ship, with all parties believing he'd died by the time of its destruction.

We'd imagine the universe thinking you're dead offers plenty of time for self-reflection, and Classic Loki spent his time in solitude, realizing he caused pain and destruction everywhere he went. He was pruned from the Sacred Timeline when he tried to reunite with his brother, Thor, and former friends. Classic Loki best represents Pisces, a sign represented by two fish swimming in opposite directions. According to beauty and lifestyle outlet Allure, these fish represent "the constant division of Pisces' attention between fantasy and reality." As that applies to Classic Loki, he used fantasy or illusion to escape Thanos but struggles with the reality of the chaos he's caused in his life, which first led him to his self-imposed exile. Was the idea that he could reunite with Thor, then, nothing but fantasy? Classic Loki once again employed illusion to allow his comrades to escape the Loki battle royale that ensued when President Loki showed up, so who's to say?

Leo is Boastful Loki

Of all the Loki variants we encountered during Season 1 of "Loki," Boastful Loki is probably the easiest to peg, despite being pretty light when it comes to his backstory. Boastful Loki was pruned after causing a nexus event, one which he claims was the result of him successfully capturing all six Infinity Stones; like his fellow variants, we're not exactly sure whether or not we believe him. Just like his claim of having defeated both Captain America and Iron Man, no one's sure if that's really how things played out; mind you, it could be argued that Loki Prime managed exactly that in the first Avengers movie, having successfully deceived them by being taken into custody in Stuttgart, Germany.

In addition to carrying a massive inferiority complex, Boastful Loki also totes around a big, shiny-looking hammer. Though he never specifically claims it's Thor's enchanted hammer, Mjolnir, we're pretty sure of two things: 1) it's not actually Mjolnir; 2) he wants everyone to believe it's actually Mjolnir as a natural inference. Whether it is or it isn't is beside the point, considering Boastful Loki betrayed his compatriots to President Loki and was a turncoat all along — too bad the two-faced god Janus isn't an astrological sign.

Naturally, Boastful Loki is a Leo, the proud lion. As Allure details, Leos love to "bask in the spotlight and celebrate themselves," which is exactly the type of self-aggrandizing for which Boastful Loki best known.

Taurus is Alligator Loki

The Loki character in general has always been a product of two worlds. Born a Frost Giant, the natural son of Laufey, he was raised by Odin (Anthony Hopkins) and Frigga (Rene Russo) on Asgard, which clearly became a source of inner conflict and turmoil. Perhaps it's by his own dual nature that Variant L1130 is able to latch onto the idea that the reptilian Alligator Loki is both an alligator and a Loki. "Hang on, are you telling me that thing's a Loki too?" he asks Classic Loki. "Okay, fine. Willing to accept that," he replies upon being assured that is the case.

It's unclear if Alligator Loki was born an alligator or was turned into one at some point, though his nexus event, as relayed via a snide remark from Boastful Loki, was eating a neighbor's cat — more specifically, the wrong neighbor's cat, which makes us wonder if it wasn't a cat but a Flerken like Goose from "Captain Marvel." Despite being a reptile, Alligator Loki seems to possess human-level intellect but simply lacks the means to communicate in any clear fashion. 

Figuring out Alligator Loki's zodiac sign wasn't easy, but, according to Allure, a Taurus loves to "enjoy relaxing in serene, bucolic environments, surrounded by soft sounds, soothing aromas, and succulent flavors," and that brings to mind Alligator Loki's plastic wading pool. Suddenly, it all made sense.

Capricorn is Kid Loki

Kid Loki presents an interesting conundrum as well. As viewers learned in "Loki" Episode 5, Kid Loki is recognized as the ruler of the Void, which at first prompts a record-needle-scratch moment of pause, wherein viewers are left to wonder how and-or why? After all, Kid Loki is... well, he's a kid! While we're sure all Loki variants have high aspirations from a young age, he's not exactly powerful or imposing, at first glance.

But there's another thing all Loki variants surely have in common and that's an inherent desire to kill Thor. We're not sure why, though it's likely based on envy — and green is totally Loki's color, after all — over the fact that Thor is the presumptive next-in-line for the throne and will one day rule Asgard. Kid Loki managed to succeed where seemingly all other Lokis have ostensibly failed: he killed Thor when they both were children. This is Kid Loki's nexus event that led to him being pruned by the TVA and ending up in the Void. Given his status as the only Loki to do what all were seemingly destined to try, likely numerous times, several other Loki variants looked to Kid Loki with deference.

This trait makes Kid Loki an absolute lock for Capricorn. As Allure reveals, "Capricorns tap into their inner fortitude to overcome whatever stands between them and their long-term goals" and don't let anything stop them from accomplishing their goals. It only makes sense that such a sense of determination be ascribed to the only Loki who succeeded in all Lokis' goal of killing Thor.

Aries is President Loki

Given Loki's mischievous nature, it's easy to imagine that any of the variants could become successful politicians — even Alligator Loki it totally likable. The character's penchant for illusion, deception, and manipulation makes President Loki a kind of natural progression; since he was unable to conquer Earth by force with an army of Chitauri behind him, why not try it the democratic way? It's not like there's never been a corrupt elected official.

Like some politicians, President Loki relies on a clandestine, back-alley deal to get ahead. In this case, he convinced Boastful Loki to betray the Classic, Alligator, and Kid Lokis, giving up the location of their hideout so he could wrest the mantle of ruler of the Void from Kid Loki. And like some politicians, he doesn't follow through on the things he's promised. In the case of Boastful Loki, he expects to get President Loki's army in exchange for shelter and supplies, thereby becoming the new king — instead he gets a steaming pile of betrayal, as President Loki basically says "Thanks for the supplies, I'm keeping my army."

President Loki most closely aligns with the sign Aries. As Allure points out, those of the Aries persuasion are "bold and ambitious" and "[love] to be number one." It's fair to counter that one could describe all iterations of Loki in this manner, but President Loki is one of the few who manages to put together an actual plan to do so in the course of the series.

Aquarius is Party Loki

Variant 8914, Party Loki, might be the source of our most controversial take — not for any disagreement with our assessment, but, perhaps, because we don't think anyone else has chosen to call him that or interpret him in the way we do. Other outlets are interpreting Variant 8914's look as having horns not on a helmet but actually growing out of his head — that's in addition to sporting hooves, rather than feet, earning him designations like Pan Loki or Trickster Loki. We can forgive that kind of goof if based on just the TVA hologram, but Party Loki actually shows up in Episode 5 as one of President Loki's erstwhile supporters, seeking to dethrone Kid Loki. Rather than actual horns, those are pretty clearly dreadlocks or braids shaped to look like horns, and those definitely look like feet to us — not to mention there's no real reason we'd expect Pan or any trickster god to wear sunglasses or Mardi Gras beads. In fact, he seems more like the god of hipster bros than anything else.

Party Loki sure looks like he's ready to have a good time, though he's clearly equipped for the rough stuff as well. He wields a double-headed pickaxe, which he uses in the melee that ensues when the rest of the Void variants turn on President Loki. Given his fun-loving nature and eventual betrayal of President Loki, we've got to go with Aquarius for Party Loki. Allure reveals that Aquarians are "free-spirited" and that they "despise authority and anything that represents conventionality." Check and check, Party Loki. 

Cancer is Frost Giant Loki

There are, of course, a handful of Loki variants that we know exist — based on Variant L1130's time spent in the TVA — but never encounter by the end of "Loki" finale. As such, we are forced to rely on a few surface-level details to get these variants sorted out. One such variant is L6792, affectionately referred to as Frost Giant Loki, whom audiences only get a glimpse of via hologram. 

Frost Giant Loki seems to have embraced his heritage in full, seemingly in a manner no other Loki variant has, based on his blue skin. He is still clad in Asgardian garb, looking more at home at a Renaissance Fair than on Jotunheim, where the inhabitants' clothing is surprisingly sparse, despite the unforgiving frozen landscape. Having accepted his dual nature — not unlike that of Alligator Loki — as Jotun by his birth and Asgardian by his rearing, Frost Giant Loki puts to bed the entire nature vs. nurture debate.

This acceptance of his duality has us leaning toward Frost Giant Loki being a Cancer. Represented by a crab, the sign of Cancer can both walk on land and live in the sea without issue. As Allure tells us, it represents "Cancer's ability to exist in both emotional and material realms." We've extrapolated that to line up with Frost Giant Loki's ability to exist in both the Asgardian and Jotun realms. He's not the only Loki variant displaying dual natures, but he's the only one that combines his two respective influences so seamlessly.

Virgo is Cyclist Loki

Loki Variant L1247, also known as Cyclist Loki, is another variant that requires a bit of creative interpretation in order to suss out where he fits in the zodiac. As seen in his TVA hologram, Cyclist Loki is holding the Tour de France trophy and waving while wearing a traditional cycling kit. Given that he's posing with the Coupe Omnisports and smiling, it seems unlikely that Cyclist Loki stole the trophy — which doesn't rule out it being a joke about 2018 Tour De France champion Geraint Thomas' trophy being stolen (via BBC); their poses are remarkably similar — and very much likely that he actually won the annual cycling relay, which is actually funnier. In truth, as seen in behind-the-scenes pics on Fandom's Marvel Cinematic Universe community, Cyclist Loki's image is a manipulated version of a set photo taken while filming the New York City scene for "Thor: Ragnarok."

While there are several interpretations of a Loki variant's decision to enter and win the Tour de France, we've chosen to ascribe it to the pursuit of perfection and an obsession with the material world. Said characteristics would line Cyclist Loki up to be a Virgo. As per Allure, a Virgo is a "perfectionist at heart and isn't afraid to improve skills through diligent and consistent practice." All of that sounds like a set of traits absolutely essential to training in order to win a cycling race that's thousands of miles long, taking place across the span of weeks.

Gemini is Troll Loki

We've got to admit, Loki Variant L6792, also known as Troll Loki, threw us for a bit of a loop. So named for his appearance, which is somewhat reminiscent of the rock troll Ulik  — not to be confused with a Kronan like Korg (Taika Waititi) — from Marvel Comics, Troll Loki is big, green, and shirtless; he could easily pass for a Hulk Loki variant, were it not for his disproportionately elongated arms, which look like they practically drag his knuckles along the ground. Well, that and the fact that his pants aren't torn, but rather completely intact.

Given that we've not yet seen trolls in the MCU, we're left to base our analysis off of traditional portrayals from Scandinavian folklore — which conveniently dovetails nicely with Norse mythology — supplemented by a bit of political philosophy. Such trolls were ugly, brutish creatures known for being slow-witted — again, we're not talking about the Hulk — and living underground or in caves, typically away from people. 

Not unlike Frost Giant Loki, Troll Loki has a dual nature, though where the former seems to have blended two aspects, the latter is clearly more Troll than Loki. As such, we're going with Gemini. Represented by a pair of twins, "Gemini is constantly juggling a variety of passions, hobbies, careers, and friend groups," according to Allure, which calls the sign "the social butterflies of the zodiac." Whereas Frost Giant Loki is harmonious balance of two worlds and can exist in both simultaneously, Troll Loki appears to have a dominant troll side, meaning he'd have to flip back and forth between the roles, depending on the situation.

Sagittarius is Viking Loki

Rounding out our "Loki" astrological romp — astroLokial? — is Variant L7803, aka Viking Loki. Unlike a traditional Loki helmet, which features two slender, curved horns protruding from the front, L7803, as depicted in the hologram, wears rustic garb and his head is adorned with a helmet featuring a pair of broader horns that come out from either side, more in line with the traditional helmet Vikings are depicted as wearing. As with some other Loki variants, we've really only got an image upon which to base our analysis, though some understanding of Viking culture helps immensely. One general characteristic of Vikings is that these Scandinavian clans were generally nomadic; they were a seafaring people that were given to piracy and looting, but were not above trading instead of raiding.

As characters like Thor, Loki, Odin, and Hela are all rooted in Norse mythology — which sprung out of Scandinavia — Viking Loki seems like a natural fit for a variant. In assessing his place in the zodiac, we're inclined to say Viking Loki is a Sagittarius. Allure tells us the sign is possessed by a certain wanderlust and "Sagittarius launches its many pursuits like blazing arrows, chasing after geographical, intellectual, and spiritual adventures." We can think of no more apt a comparison for Viking Loki than a zodiac sign prone to sharing exciting tales of their adventures and exploits.