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The Thor: Ragnarok Reference You Missed In What If...? Episode 9

Marvel Studios continues to delight its fans with their Disney+ shows, especially with the most recent entry, "What If...?". The series follows different versions of characters we're familiar with, including Peggy Carter as Captain Carter and T'Challa as Star-Lord, who come from various corners of the multiverse. "What If...?" also poses a very interesting question: What would happen if our favorite Marvel Cinematic Universe characters had made a different choice that changed the outcome of their lives and the future of their world?

The Season 1 finale, Episode 9's "What If...The Watcher Broke His Oath?" was a jaw-dropping display of incredible animation, unexpected team-ups, and even more insight into Marvel's turn toward multiverse-centric storytelling. The episode saw Captain Carter, Gamora, Star-Lord T'Challa, Killmonger, and Party Thor join The Watcher and Strange Supreme in a battle to take down Ultron after the android discovered the ability to travel throughout the multiverse and use the Infinity Stones for evil.

Many fans know in-jokes, Easter eggs, and references are par for the course with an MCU viewing experience, and the final episode of "What If...?" Season 1 was no exception. One particular reference involves Party Thor, introduced in "What If...?" Episode 7. While he's not quite the same as the God of Thunder we know and love, there are some similarities between Party Thor and our Thor (they're both played by Chris Hemsworth, for a start), including one direct reference in Episode 9.

What If...?'s Party Thor screams exactly like MCU Thor in Thor: Ragnarok

When we first meet Thor (Chris Hemsworth) in his 2011 origin film, he is immature and naive but also quite serious. The "Thor" franchise's more serious tone stuck around until the world and the titular character got a revamp in 2017's "Thor: Ragnarok." Director Taika Waititi gave Thor a refresh, keeping him as the loyal Asgardian god but giving him a sense of humor not seen in the character before. Hemsworth's comedic chops are certainly well-suited for the sillier version of the hero and are expertly showcased in "Ragnarok."

One amusing moment from "Ragnarok" was referenced in the "What if...?" season finale. We see Party Thor yelling when The Watcher snatches him up to take him to the first meeting of the newly-formed Guardians of the Multiverse. His fearful yelling continues even when he discovers he has safely arrived out of harm's way. This moment directly mirrors the hilarious scene in "Ragnarok," when Thor finds himself in Sakaar and on his way to meet the Grandmaster. Thor is strapped into a chair, and an ominous narrator starts counting down as he travels through a dark tunnel. As the narration speeds up, Thor screams and braces himself for a painful impact. However, he finds himself still in his chair, not in any imminent danger.

Party Thor is certainly the most light-hearted variant of our heroes we've seen. There's no guarantee that he'll return for "What If...?" Season 2, but we're eagerly anticipating many more shenanigans from our Thor when "Thor: Love and Thunder" is released May 6, 2022.