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What If...? Writer Explains That Apparent Infinity Stone Plot Hole

Marvel's latest Disney+ series, "What If...?," has been a welcome treat to fans eager to dive deeper into their favorite MCU characters. Based on the popular comic book series of the same name, the show explores what would happen if our beloved heroes had made some very different choices, resulting in other realities. After eight episodes, the series finale is set to arrive on October 6, likely seeing the multiverses colliding as Party Thor, Captain Carter, one-armed Hawkeye, Strange Supreme, and The Watcher join forces to defeat Ultron.

Unlike the AI audiences met in "Avengers: Age of Ultron" film, this version of the villain holds another distinct power: wielding all six Infinity Stones. However, this fact has left some devoted Marvel fans perplexed. In the main Marvel Comics timeline, known as Earth-616, the Infinity Stones only work in the universe of their origin. This rule seemed confirmed in "Loki," when the God of Mischief discovers that the Time Variance Authority had a whole collection of Infinity Stones they used as paperweights, as they lost their power once they were removed from their reality.

How, then, is Ultron able to use the power of the stones in "What If...?" The head writer of the hit series is putting the plot hole issue to bed.

Ultron's use of the Infinity Stones is not a plot hole

A.C. Bradley, the head writer, and executive producer of "What If...?" took to Twitter to clear up the mystery around the Infinity Stones, ensuring fans that it is not a plot hole. "Just a reminder that Ultron is using the Infinity Stones to power himself (same universe being). Also he's legit punching across multiverses turning them into one messy universe soup."

"Same universe being" means that Ultron got all the stones from the same universe, meaning they effectively work together. Therefore, his use of the Stones falls in line with the Infinity Stones rules already established. Bradley also reminds audiences that Ultron's powers in "What If...?" are unlike anything we've ever seen in the MCU, and those powers may make the typical restraints of the Infinity Stones inapplicable to him. It's also important to remember that the Stones were useless at the TVA because the TVA isn't a universe at all — it exists entirely outside the multiverse.

With the power of all six Infinity Stones, Stark tech, and knowledge of the entire internet, "What If...?'s" version of Ultron might be the most dangerous foe the MCU has ever seen. The multiverse has shown us that truly anything can — and will — happen, and we have no doubt Marvel will continue to up the ante with their world-class villains.