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The Ending Of Girl From Nowhere Season 2 Explained

You don't have to be a teenager to enjoy a good teen drama series. Some of the most bingeworthy teen dramas of all time are currently available to enjoy on your favorite streaming platforms, whether you're in the mood for a thriller drama like Netflix's "Elite" or something from the '90s like the Australian teen drama "Heartbreak High." No matter what streaming platform you prefer to use, there's more than enough content out there for you to re-live your younger years vicariously through angsty characters.

If you're in the mood for a teen drama with a darker edge, the Thai thriller "Girl from Nowhere" should be your next pick. The gritty series follows a teenager named Nanno (Chicha Amatayakul) who transfers to different private schools and exposes the lies and secrets of both its students and staff. Eventually, Nanno's true identity is revealed: She's an immortal being whose purpose is to punish humans for their wrongdoings.

The second season of "Girl from Nowhere" premiered in its entirety in May, and the surprising finale has us anxious to find out what happens next. Here's the ending of Season 2 explained.

Nanno's immortality is questioned

In Season 2, Episode 7, Nanno attempts to help a live streamer named Jane (Phantira Pipityakorn) — who goes by JennyX — get away from her life full of surface-level relationships. After faking her death with Nanno's help, JennyX soon regrets her decision and wants her old life back. Unfortunately, Nanno's revenge-obsessed rival Yuri (Chanya McClory) tricks JennyX into believing Nanno told the press that JennyX faked her death, and the only way to reverse everything is by killing Nanno, which she attempts to do.

By the end of the episode, Yuri notes that the injuries JennyX inflicted on Nanno aren't healing, which seems to hint that she's losing her immortality. Is this even possible? And if so, how? In the season finale, Nanno is once again killed, and this time it looks like the damage is permanent. But just as the episode ends, the back of a student is shown as they sit on a rooftop — and it looks a lot like Nanno. Perhaps she isn't losing her immortality after all, or the damage was somehow reversed when her murderer was also killed. It could also reference an earlier episode, where we saw multiple versions of Nanno that suggest she has clones.

Hopefully, the series is picked up for a 3rd season so we can find out more.

Good vs. Evil

Although Nanno isn't definitively good or evil, she operates on a fairly moral plane by attempting to dole out justice to those who've gone unpunished for significant crimes. On the other hand, Yuri is obviously driven by a lust for revenge and violence, and she tries to convince people to act on their vengeful impulses.

The final episode of Season 2 features a mother and daughter with dark secrets. Junko (Ploy Sornarin) is a girl with hemophilia who uses a wheelchair, and her mother, Teacher Waan (Yarinda Bunnag), dotes on her both at home and at her job, where she serves as a school nurse. By the episode's climax, we learn that Teacher Waan actually injects Junko with medicine to keep her sick. After being tormented by bullies, she's started killing them in revenge, and her mother didn't know what else to do to stop her. We then see Nanno's struggle: who is the true villain?

Yuri takes the opportunity to convince Junko to take out her rage on her mother and reveals she's been switching out the medicine, so Junko is stronger now. Junko and her mother fight over a knife before Teacher Waan stabs Nanno out of anger, and Junko then kills her mother. The episode ends with Yuri rubbing some of her blood on Junko's lips, seemingly giving her the same immortal powers to dole out justice however they deem necessary — and it looks like evil has won, for now.