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The AHS: Death Valley Episode 1 Moment That Made No Sense To Fans

The second half of "American Horror Story: Double Feature" has officially begun, and  "Death Valley" is already making waves with its first episode. Following an opening that depicts an alien abduction in the 1950s, the episode focuses heavily on a group of childhood friends who have reunited after some time apart at college. After they give each other updates on their lives, the group of friends begins connecting with their phones, only for one of the characters to call them out on it. 

"You guys," Kendall (Kaia Gerber) says, "We're an hour into our summer reunion and you're already all more interested in your phones? Put them away!" From there, Kendall instructs her friends about nomophobia (AKA the fear of being disconnected from one's mobile phone) and lets them know that she has joined the Luddite club at Harvard. "I'm cured of the curse of technology," she declares.

This all leads to a conversation between Kendall and her friends about her new lifestyle, with the group briefly discussing the origins of the Luddites. Kendall then reminds them of a technology-free camping trip they took when they were younger, before challenging them to go without technology on their upcoming trip.

It's this scene that, in addition to when the friends toast to their new commitment to having a "Luddite summer," leads to the one moment in "Death Valley" Episode 1 that makes absolutely no sense to "American Horror Story" fans.

Unsurprisingly, the camping trip goes awry

The "Death Valley" premiere, titled "Take Me to Your Leader," sees its central group of friends commit to going on a camping trip without their phones, though, Cal (Nico Greetham) does try to sneak one in his pocket. Of course, it doesn't take long before the camping trip into the desert takes an unnerving turn. After finding a herd of cows that have been mutilated (but are strangely still alive), the friends pack up their belongings and attempt to leave, only for their car to die in the middle of nowhere and become engulfed in light. Jamie (Rachel Hilson) quickly sees a figure coming toward them and begs them to move, which leads Kendall to yell, "Call for help!"

Given the fact that Kendall is the one responsible for their lack of phones, "American Horror Story" fans on Reddit were quick to note in a discussion thread for the episode that this is a pretty nonsensical move on her part. "'Call for help!' -the dumba** that told them not to bring phones," pointed out u/Dirty_Priestess, while u/jo_flores criticized the moment as well, writing, "this is turning into a comedy at this point." u/StarWarsButterSaber also commented that Kendall's comment in the desert didn't do anything to boost the character's popularity in fans' eyes, admitting, "Ugh I hate her."

To the character's credit, while it may not be very logical, it's not unnatural for someone in a scary situation to lose their head a little bit. However, it's hard to argue with these "American Horror Story" fans that, after already putting her friends in danger with her opinions and beliefs, Kendall's panicked comment just makes her seem that much more out of touch and irresponsible.