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The Worst Series Regular, According To American Horror Story Fans

"American Horror Story" is best known for taking a select group of actors and recycling them from one season to the next, often putting them in dramatically different roles. It's one of the things that makes the show so special and unique. Instead of watching a beloved actor perform their heart out on one season and never seeing them again, fans get to relive the magic with a different flavor and spice, depending on what each new season's role calls for.

Of course, for some, seeing the same faces over and over again can get a little tiresome. As much as fans of the show have their favorite recurring actors, they have equally passionate — if not more so — feelings about the actors they would rather not see ever again. When you take a closer look at what fans on the interwebs are saying, there's one member of the "AHS" ensemble cast that fans wish would disappear forever from the series. And it's not just her performance that they have a problem with — allegedly, there are legitimate real-life issues with the way she treats people that also offend fans of the show.

According to AHS fans, Emma Roberts is just the worst

While Billie Lourd and Leslie Grossman have garnered enough resentment among fans to earn them an honorable mention, this popular Reddit thread leans hard into the unpopularity of Emma Roberts. In total, there are five comments with 91 upvotes agreeing that Roberts would be the least missed if one of the cast members were never seen again. And if Roberts' history with the show is any indication, they've already gotten their wish. She hasn't landed a starring role on "American Horror Story" since 2019. This seems to coincide with her split from "AHS" co-star Evan Peters after a long, tumultuous, and at times, physically abusive relationship, as reports have alleged.

The fans' dislike for Roberts is twofold. Redditor u/Ok_Band7724 argued that "shes just not that good of an actress and most of her characters are the same and overrated." Fellow commenter u/kingfan88, meanwhile, took issue with who she is as a person. "My opinion of her quickly changed after I found out how she was in real life," they wrote, most likely referencing her purported abuse of Peters or how notorious she was for being rude to people on set. (Former co-star Gabourey Sidibe, however, debunked the latter rumor in her memoir, per Vulture.)

It seems as though Roberts' supposedly accurate portrayal of her mean-girl characters, as well as the negative rumors she has dealt with through the years, have earned her the "Worst Series Regular" award from the show's fans.