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The Disney Villain You Are Based On Your Zodiac Sign

If you have ever taken a "Which Disney Villain Are You?" quiz, then you would know how addictive personality tests can be. For our purposes, a horoscope is very much like a personality test. The only difference with horoscopes is that you only need to answer a single question: Just give us your birthday and astrology will take care of the rest.

Many internet users take a "Which Character Are You?" test because they want to compare themselves to one of their favorite childhood heroes. Who wouldn't want to affirm that they are as brave as Merida or as compassionate as Cinderella? If that's what you're looking for, we have a Disney princess zodiac guide that will give you all the sunshine and twittering birds you desire. But if you're not afraid to see a horoscope that unveils your darker side, you've come to the right place. The Disney villains below have oodles of flaws and precious few virtues, so whenever you find the one that shares your sign, we guarantee you it won't be a flattering picture.

But let's be honest — don't you secretly wish to be a Disney villain anyway?

Aries: Cruella De Vil

Cruella de Vil is Exhibit A for Aries the Ram. Most horoscopes will say Rams love to butt heads with others and will often plunge headfirst into confrontation. Cruella makes fun of Anita's contentment with her life: She sarcastically calls Anita's home a "dream castle" and her husband "Sir Galahad." Cruella is clearly trying to provoke a reaction, and she gets frustrated when they don't give her the satisfaction.

People born under this sign tend to be restless. When Cruella catches wind that Anita's dog is having puppies, the villain can't wait to get one of her own. Roger and Anita explain that the puppies aren't even born yet, and later, when Cruella barges in again, they have to explain that Dalmatians don't have spots when they're born. By this point, though, Cruella is sick of waiting and decides to just buy the puppies right then.

Aries can be stubbornly impractical, according to Compatible Astrology. Only Cruella would go through the trouble of kidnapping 15 puppies when she could just buy them like she did the other 84 — or better yet, get some faux fur. But Rams usually don't like it when somebody tries to give them advice, so when Horace and Jasper try to warn her that they're in way too deep with this dognapping business, you can guess where Cruella tells them to stick their appeals to caution.

Taurus: Amos Slade

Taureans are known to be materialistic. Although many people will assume this means they indulge in gold watches and fine wines, Amos Slade from "The Fox and the Hound" represents a different kind of Taurus. Yes, he enjoys the material world, but Amos doesn't buy into luxury. Instead, he cares more about simple pleasures with "a more rugged and earthly aesthetic" — which is still definitely in-character for a Taurus, says Astrology.com. In one of the movie's songs, Amos declares that he'd "rather have a dog than a dollar," and that pretty much sums up the Bull's love for simplicity. Of course, Amos is still mighty protective of his automobile, so he definitely has a bit of that materialistic streak.

Old habits die hard when it comes to Amos, which is just another way of saying he's stubborn as a Bull: When Widow Tweed accuses him of having a temper, Amos takes off his hat and angrily stomps on it. After Todd the fox causes an accident that injures Chief (Amos's old hunting dog), Amos gets carried away trying to hunt Todd down in order to "avenge" Chief (who isn't even dead and gets to be pampered by his master while his leg heals). It's not easy for a Taurus to forgive and forget, and this is definitely true of Amos as well.

Gemini: King Candy

Geminis are masters of code-switching and tend to wear different personalities in different situations. Some call it being two-faced, but to a Gemini, both faces are equally true to themselves. King Candy from "Wreck-It Ralph" is literally two-faced: To everyone in the arcade, he seems like a harmless, pink-loving buffoon. But his secret identity is Turbo, a megalomaniacal video game character who can't stand to share the spotlight.

Like most people born under the sign of the Twins, King Candy has a way with words. He can be dangerously persuasive and (if you can forgive the punny portmanteau "fungeon") quite witty. Nothing gets past a Gemini: They'll find the chink in your armor and tickle without mercy. Although he never planned on Ralph's interference, King Candy adapts quickly, figuring out what makes Ralph tick and using it against him. Making it seem like he's protecting Vanellope, King Candy weaves a convincing lie about how Vanellope's "glitch" will destroy her if she wins the go-kart race. And Ralph can't say no to preventing that, no matter how much he wants to see Vanellope win.

Sometimes Gemini hide behind a laughing face, which may leave others feeling like they can't take anything seriously. None of the characters take King Candy seriously, and honestly, we don't blame them. Who'd be scared of a villain who makes a pun mid-threat? That's the genius of King Candy's character — nobody realizes he is an actual threat until it's too late.

Cancer: Long John Silver

You won't see this in many Disney villains, but Long John Silver from "Treasure Planet" is surprisingly nurturing. Cancers are seen as the embodiment of motherhood (or fatherhood), and Silver is almost like a father to the film's hero, Jim Hawkins. In a gorgeous montage, Silver shows Jim how to tie sailor's knots and drapes his coat over him while he's sleeping. (How many Disney villains do that?)

Although he may be a father figure, Silver is still very much a villain. Cancers are sometimes inscrutable and can turn on a dime; Silver is so unreadable, it can be downright creepy, as evidenced in the scene where Jim realizes Silver's been plotting mutiny all along. Silver banters playfully with him, all while cocking a pistol behind his back.

Like their pinch-y namesake, people born under the sign of the Crab have difficulty letting go, says Astrology.com. Long John Silver has his pincers clenched tight around his dream of finding Captain Flint's treasure. In the climax, with his cyborg arm clamped onto a boatful of loot, he must literally let go of his lifelong dream in order to save Jim. Hereafter, the positive Cancer traits, like immense generosity, begin shining through: At the end of the movie, Silver tosses Jim some gold coins — all that's left of his precious treasure — so the boy can rebuild his mom's inn. Okay, Silver's the one who burned it down to begin with, but it's the thought that counts.

Leo: Gaston

No, the Disney villain who best embodies the sign of the Lion is not from "The Lion King." Actually, it's Gaston from "Beauty and the Beast." Leos are so magnetic that other people will follow them anywhere. It's no wonder, then, that Gaston can round up an angry mob so easily. Also, it's no secret that Gaston likes to admire that handsome fella he sees in the mirror; vanity is a common Leo weakness.

Though it seems Leos never need a confidence boost, they're actually deeply insecure. Their belief in themselves will crumble if they don't get compliments and assurances from loved ones. Gaston seems short on loved ones, so he surrounds himself with LeFou and swooning village ladies to fill that empty hole. After he proposes to Belle, it's obvious that not marrying her doesn't bother him as much as the humiliation of rejection. (He must be pretty upset if he refuses LeFou's offer of more beer.)

Sometimes self-doubt can bring out the worst in Leos, leading to jealousy and intense rivalries. His plan switches from "blackmail Belle" to "kill the Beast" the instant he notices Belle making moony eyes at her captor-lover. If you consider Gaston's most vicious taunts toward the Beast in their final battle, they might simply be his way of dealing with the harsh truth that Belle would rather be with a "monster" than with him. Because deep down, folks born under the sign of the Lion just want to be loved.

Virgo: Monseigneur Frollo

Nobody better embodies a Virgo's perfectionism than Frollo from "The Hunchback of Notre Dame." They can blow small problems out of proportion and sometimes they worry themselves to death. As such, Virgos tend to lose a lot of sleep. This is definitely true of Frollo, who spends all night pacing restlessly and confessing to his fireplace (in song form).

Virgos are critical of everybody, most of all themselves, says Culture Astrology. No Disney villain embodies this complex better than Frollo. He is judgmental of everyone around him (calling the masses "vulgar" and "weak-minded," among other things). He especially has it in for the Romani people, condemning them as "not capable of real love."

But, at least in some ways, Frollo doesn't spare himself from his hyperactive moral scrutiny. In the iconic song "Hellfire," Frollo recognizes his lust for Esmeralda; he knows it's wrong and tries to fight it. Of course, he also tries to use religion to justify his lust, and he doesn't fight these urges quite as much as he should. But right up until he plunges over the turrets of Notre Dame in a classic Disney death, Frollo struggles with the guilt of his sins.

It's not unusual to see a Disney villain who knows what they're doing is wrong and enjoys it, or one who believes they are doing the right thing. But it's almost unheard of to see a villain who is both of these things at once — and, on top of everything else, feels guilty because they know they're wrong.

Libra: Jafar

Libras are considered the most diplomatic of any sign. And credit where credit is due, Jafar from "Aladdin" would make a great diplomat. He's persuasive, adaptable, and superhumanly patient: He must have done a lot of kowtowing to the sultan before finally finding his chance to overthrow him.

Jafar oozes charisma, just as astrology says a Libra should. Libras are also natural skeptics, so it's no wonder Jafar sees that "Prince Ali" is too good to be true. Like a true Libra, Jafar can spin words until you're convinced the idea he planted in your head was yours all along. While Jafar can hypnotize characters with his staff, he doesn't even need hypnotism to achieve this goal. Instead, he plays on Aladdin's desperation to impress Jasmine and convinces him to fetch the magic lamp.

Libras tend to repress anger instead of venting it, which Jafar must do out of necessity to maintain his cover as the faithful Royal Vizier. But the steam building up inside a Libra eventually leaks out, usually in the form of bitter resentment. (Check, and double-check: Viewers can never be sure if Jafar is genuinely smiling or just gritting his teeth.) Somebody born under the sign of the Scales can get extremely passive-aggressive, says Your Tango. Jafar hides barbs in almost every sentence. When the sultan introduces him to Aladdin, Jafar says he's "ecstatic" in the least ecstatic way possible. And of course, Jafar promises Aladdin a "reward" for his help, only to later reveal that he means an "eternal reward."

Scorpio: Scar

As one of the greatest Disney villains of all time, Scar from "The Lion King" has many qualities that overlap with the sign of the Scorpion. Where do we even start? Scar is magnetic, manipulative, and (we gotta admit) seductive as all get-out — all classic Scorpio qualities. According to Astrology.com, Scorpios often identify as the underdog. (Remember, Scar is the weak and sickly one who can't possibly beat his brother in a fair fight.) As a result, they tend to identify with fellow underdogs, like the hyenas banished from the Pride Lands.

Scorpios grow insanely jealous of others, especially those they love. In Scar's case, his own brother is No. 1 on his hit list, but only because Scar feels wronged by Mufasa. A Scorpio's resentment often comes from a place of love. If a Scorpio acts possessive toward their lover, it's usually because they're unshakably loyal and expect the same from their partner.

There's no canonical evidence that Scar used to be loyal to his brother (or to anybody, for that matter), but it's not hard to imagine him once feeling admiration toward Mufasa that transformed into bitterness over time. The movie suggests that Simba's birth was the final straw. Perhaps Scar would've been content to let his brother have the throne first, so long as he'd be next in line; when Mufasa has children, maybe Scar feels he's broken a promise. And if there's one thing a Scorpio can't stand, it's a broken promise.

Sagittarius: Shan Yu

Sagittarius, the Archer, can be confident to a fault, and Shan Yu from "Mulan" is nothing if not cocky.

Right from the prologue, we know Shan Yu believes he's unbeatable. Even though a soldier manages to send out a distress signal before the Great Wall falls to the Huns, Shan Yu is unperturbed. The emperor knows the Huns are coming and has time to rally his forces — but that's exactly what Shan Yu's hoping for. It would've been kind of boring if he conquered China without even a fight! (Sagittarians can also "get bored too easily," says Culture Astrology.)

If you tell a Sagittarius something's impossible, they'll go out of their way to prove otherwise. They might even rub it in afterward, according to ZodiacFire. This is exactly what motivates Shan Yu to invade China to begin with: He looks at the Great Wall and sees an invitation, a challenge directly from the emperor.

We see Shan Yu's confidence increase throughout the film, even as his chances of victory grow slimmer. The first thing he does after climbing out from under the avalanche is sneak into the crowded Imperial City under the cover of a parade dragon — despite his Hun army being reduced to five men. We must give him credit for guts. Perhaps under different circumstances, his trailblazing spirit and unwillingness to give up (even after a Disney princess brings several tons of snow down on his head) would have made an excellent hero.

Capricorn: Dr. Facilier

Dr. Facilier's villain song in "The Princess and the Frog" gets one thing right: He most definitely can "see deep into your heart and soul." That's Capricorn to a T.  They can size you up and immediately know exactly what you want. When Dr. Facilier reads tarot cards for Naveen and his servant Lawrence, he hits the nail on the head for both. Lawrence is tired of being "pushed 'round all his life," and Naveen wants some quick cash. Okay, maybe Naveen's desire was obvious. Still, Facilier is so keen, he doesn't even need to use voodoo — he can learn a lot just with regular Cap sleuthing skills.

Folks born under the sign of the Goat are also resourceful. Facilier's magical abilities are boundless, thanks to his "friends on the other side," but the Shadow Man can't use his magic directly for himself — that's voodoo rules. Instead, he uses it to grant wishes for his clients and cast spells on the people around him to make sure all the pieces are in position for his master plan.

There's one scene in "The Princess and the Frog" that gets to the heart of this Disney villain. Goats are pragmatists, quick to accept harsh truths and move on. We see this when Dr. Facilier admits that all the voodoo in the world won't earn him people's respect. "The real power in this world ain't magic," says Facilier. "It's money. Buckets of it." His nemesis Big Daddy La Bouff is still much richer than he is, so the Shadow Man will always be overshadowed.

Aquarius: Maleficent

The Water Bearers care little about social conventions, and they're not afraid to offend people or start a scene if they feel slighted, says Compatible Astrology. Maleficent from "Sleeping Beauty" is the perfect match: a shameless party-crasher who obviously enjoys every moment of it.

After making her dramatic entrance, Maleficent acts like it doesn't bother her that she wasn't invited (though everybody finds that a little hard to believe). Just when she's turning to go, Maleficent whips around and gives the baby a vicious curse disguised as a "gift." That's one of Aquarians' greatest weaknesses: They'll repress their feelings and seethe quietly until something snaps — then all hell breaks loose.

Aquarians have an incredibly dry and biting sense of humor. They enjoy dancing circles around others just to show off their cleverness. That's Maleficent. When she has Prince Philip in chains, she taunts him by describing how his reunion with Aurora should have gone, highlighting the delicious irony by making it sound exactly like the ending of a fairy tale.

Often described as ahead of the curve, Aquarians are constantly challenging the way things are. If you extrapolate a little, this could certainly describe Maleficent. What kind of world is it, she wonders, where elegant noblemen and cheerful fairies are welcomed to admire the newborn princess, but unconventional women like Maleficent are deliberately excluded? Let's be honest ... She may be a villain, but she has a point.

Pisces: Kronk

It's hard to find a proper Pisces villain. People born under the sign of the Two Fishes are famous for unmatched selflessness, and what kind of Disney villain would that make? Enter Kronk, voiced by Patrick Warburton. He's not the main antagonist in "The Emperor's New Groove," and some would argue he's not villainous at all — in fact, many fans might root for him. But his role in the story is as Yzma's minion, so we think he's the closest Pisces gets to villain territory.

Although most of Kronk's lines are delivered in Patrick Warburton's signature deadpan style, he's actually quite an emotional character. At the fake funeral Yzma stages for Emperor Cuzco, Kronk is the only one crying. He's a sensitive soul despite seeming thick-skinned. When Yzma tells him she never liked his spinach puffs, Kronk's lower lip visibly trembles.

Kronk is also compassionate. He feels sorry for Cuzco, so he disobeys Yzma's orders to kill him. Rather than toss Cuzco over the waterfall and be done with it, Kronk consults the angel and demon perched on his shoulders — all while Cuzco is getting closer and closer to the edge. Funnily enough, that's another classic Pisces trait: They don't always trust their own judgment and can take a long time to make relatively simple decisions.

A true Pisces, Kronk is so devoted to others that sometimes he lets them walk all over him — literally, because Yzma uses him as a step stool.