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Disney Princesses For Every Zodiac Sign

The zodiac is simultaneously simple and complex. On the one hand, it breaks all of humanity down into birthday-related categories that purportedly reveal one's strength ands weaknesses. The signs can also seem like broad caricatures, especially with astrology at its current height of popularity: Taurus likes luxury, Cancer is the "mom friend," and Sagittarius has their head in a book. But each sign contains a multilayered world of connections, symbolism, and possibility. If you're the type of astrologer who likes to get into things like ruling planets, elemental connections, and cardinal signs, you can even spend a lifetime untangling what the zodiac truly means.

Disney princesses are similarly broad yet full of specific traits. It's easy to think of them as "the smart one," "the fiery one," and "the romantic one," especially if you haven't revisited their movies in a while. That's by design — these are, after all, movies aimed at kids who are eager to claim a princess as their favorite because she likes martial arts, reading, or the ocean, like they do. But look a little closer, and you'll realize these characters contain hidden depths, just like the astrological signs. Curious what Disney princess fits your zodiac sign? Read on!

Aries: Merida

Merida is a hot-headed fighter who leaps into battle without completely knowing what she's in for. In short, she's a textbook Aries. The traits that define those born between March 21 and April 19 are deeply admirable ones: There's a reason her movie is called "Brave." Don't confuse Merida's deep reserves of courage for fearlessness, however — she knows what it is to be afraid, doubtful, and even weak. But, like so many proud Aries, she stays the course when fear approaches. In the end, darkness only makes her bold nature shine all the more brightly.

The central struggle of "Brave" brings the classical Aries weaknesses into sharp focus. Ever the impulsive ram, Merida's decision to "change her fate" via magical pastry turns out to be a major mistake. In the moment, though, seeking help from a mysterious crone promising otherworldly solutions seems like an utterly fantastic idea. Merida wants a better fate, and she wants it now! Aries' whole-hearted passion can be a wonderful quality, but in moments like these, it leads straight to disaster. Luckily, Merida's journey exemplifies one path to growth that those born under this sign can take: She learns to take a deep breath, evaluate her choices, and come to a thoroughly considered conclusion. And hey, real-world Aries don't even have to worry about the possibility of turning their moms into bears!

Taurus: Ariel

Though they're decked out in bejeweled ballgowns on plenty of grade-schoolers' backpacks, many Disney princesses are defined by their lack of pretty things. Not Ariel, though. Cinderella, Snow White, and Mulan might be content with armor and old aprons, but the eponymous little mermaid has a hoard of surface treasures all to herself. This materialistic streak is pure Taurus. It's not a bad thing either — Ariel simply understands, like those born between April 20 and May 20 do, that a life without beauty, comfort, and pleasure is barely a life at all. Asceticism has its place, but so do aesthetics. After all, don't we enjoy Disney princess movies because of their dazzling visuals and splendid songs?

Ariel isn't entirely defined by her love of the finer things in life, however, and neither is Taurus. Stubbornness characterizes those born under the sign of the bull, and it's what sends Ariel straight into Ursula's tentacles. No matter what King Triton, Sebastian, or Flounder says, Ariel is determined to sprout legs, romance Prince Eric, and spend the rest of her life surrounded by dinglehoppers and snarfblatts, even if it means giving up her voice. This obstinacy can be positive — Ariel does end up with the life on land she desires. But it causes her a whole lot of unnecessary strife along the way, as is ever the case for Taurus. She might be half-fish, but Ariel can be positively bull-headed.

Gemini: Anna

Being cooped up in a dreary palace for years on end is basically a Gemini's worst nightmare. Yet simultaneously, those energetic folks born between May 21 and June 21 are especially well-equipped to deal with such a monotonous existence. Consider Anna, the ultimate Gemini. Deprived of playmates, she makes conversation with paintings, slides down banisters, and keeps her chipper personality intact. Of course, such stopgap measures can't compare to the real thing. When coronation day finally arrives, bringing the people of Arendelle (and beyond) into her world "for the first time in forever," Anna nearly combusts with excitement. Like so many Gemini, she's an incredibly social creature — so social, in fact, that she ends up engaged before the night is over.

Don't go thinking Anna's a flighty nincompoop, though. Those aligned with the cosmic twins often turn out to be the people who change the world. Her mercurial nature might send her spinning from a rushed engagement to a trek up a mountain to a sudden romance with a grumpy ice harvester, but it's also what helps her endure multiple hardships and eventually save the day. By the time the end of "Frozen 2" arrives, Anna's world has expanded far beyond the gates of the palace. Like any good Gemini, her spirit has grown to match it, making her a kind-hearted, thoughtful, and adorably irrepressible queen.

Cancer: Cinderella

Even when she's crushed beneath a mountain of chores, Cinderella finds the time to make tiny little shoes for the mice she considers her dearest friends. That's just how a Cancer operates. They give and give and give, even when they have very little to call their own. Though this does sometimes result in people taking advantage of those born between June 22 and July 22, it's also their greatest strength. Cancer's generous nature comes from a deep appreciation of love, which grounds them throughout life. Cinderella's stepfamily might walk all over her, but her love for her parents' legacy and the charismatic critters she calls friends sustains her.

Like most Cancers, Cinderella is closely tied to her home. This is simultaneously good and bad: Her home holds the animals she adores, but it's also a place where she's unhappy. Cancer's long memory is a factor here, as Cinderella's deep attachment to her home comes from the early happiness she enjoyed within it. But these memories chain her to her present misery. If she'd found the strength to leave home earlier, despite her emotional tether to it, she might've spared herself some suffering. Happily, Cinderella's Cancerian traits are likely to make her an excellent princess once she finds true love and a harmonious home. Her royal dinner parties are likely to be legendary.

Leo: Moana

Leos have big dreams and the fortitude to achieve them. No Disney princess exemplifies these traits more than Moana, who cannot be swayed from the sea. Notably, unlike many Disney princesses, Moana has other excellent options available to her. But as much as she loves her island, family, and even the prospect of becoming chief, she just can't ignore the pull of the ocean. So she doesn't, which is exactly what those born between July 23 and August 22 would do. But this isn't a rebellious jaunt — it's a mythic quest. Some signs wouldn't be able to go the distance, but that's not the case for a Leo like Moana. She's got the persistence necessary to transform a vengeful deity back into a loving goddess.

It's not all smooth sailing for Moana, however. When a Leo encounters certain obstacles, the bright fire that sustains them can be snuffed out. We see this when Moana begs the ocean to burden someone else with the heart of Te Fiti, after Maui leaves her to follow her destiny alone. Accustomed to confidence, a Leo can crumble when it's suddenly in short supply. All is not lost, however — with a little help from her grandmother's spirit, Moana gets back on her feet. A voyager must set sail, and a lion's gotta roar.

Virgo: Tiana

While some Disney princesses have vague dreams of escape, romance, and "adventure in the great wide somewhere," as Belle puts it, Tiana has goals with specifically defined parameters. She's been dreaming of opening her own restaurant since she was a girl, and after years of working multiple jobs, saving every penny, and forgoing social occasions, she finally manages to open Tiana's Palace in the final scenes of "The Princess and the Frog." It takes a methodical Virgo to pull something like that off — to say nothing of the fact that she does it after being transformed into a frog.

Some people find Virgos a bit persnickety. Prince Naveen, for example, bristles when first confronted with Tiana's exacting standards. But in the end, he can't deny she gets what she wants despite overwhelming odds. Those born between August 23 and September 22 tend to do that. No one can plan their way out of everything, however — in fact, in attempting to do so, this sign often ends up getting hopelessly tangled in anxiety. The solution is simple: Sometimes, even Virgos need to relax. Tiana provides a wonderful example of growth in this regard. In the beginning of "The Princess and the Frog," she's the girl passing on dancing so she can cram a little more work in. By the end, she's the girl spinning with her husband on the dance floor she owns.

Libra: Snow White

It's practically impossible to dislike a Libra. These even-tempered folks, born between September 23 and October 23, can make even the most fractious person feel at ease. Though Snow White's gentle disposition, fair-mindedness, and aesthetic sensibilities (the girl's pies are Instagram-worthy) all make her a classic Libra, it's her ability to charm all seven dwarfs that truly earns her the label. Even Grumpy can't resist her. Notably, Libras don't unite people through sweetness alone — their sensitivity is their secret power. Snow White doesn't make Grumpy's pie just because she has an artistic streak, she makes it because she knows he'd like a little attention, however much he may grumble. Empathy is the name of her game.

Libras' compassion is a wonderful thing, but it's not without its downsides. Being attuned to others can easily slide into being disconnected from one's self, a state that plenty of people are unfortunately eager to take advantage of. At its worst, this can lead to things like trusting mysterious crones who come bearing poisoned apples. Everything works out in the end, of course, but Libras should take Snow White's story as a cautionary tale: Developing a little self-interest isn't always a bad thing. And remember to bake yourself a pie every so often!

Scorpio: Elsa

Scorpios and Elsa can both be described in a single word: intense. Those born between October 24 and November 21 certainly aren't everyone's cup of tea, but no one can deny their complex magnetism. A classic example of this sign, Elsa's aloof nature conceals her incredible ice powers and rich personality. She won't invite most people to her dazzling winter palace, but those who walk its frosty halls will never forget its majesty. Scorpios are defined by this sort of duality, which makes them seem enigmatic to most people. That's pretty okay with them, as they aren't interested in winning popularity contests.

But Scorpios aren't all distant geniuses who only need themselves to survive, though some definitely like to think of themselves as such. In fact, trusting others is what makes or breaks this sign. The moment Anna finds Elsa on the mountain encapsulates Scorpios' central crisis: Elsa needs to let her sister into her heart, which is precisely what she doesn't want to do. Her failure nearly dooms them both, but her eventual acceptance of Anna's love triggers both the rebirth of their relationship and a glorious new chapter in Elsa's life. Scorpios might be loners, but even the most distant, glittering ice queen needs to let her sharp edges melt a little from time to time.

Sagittarius: Belle

In the opening song of "Beauty and the Beast," Belle sums up Sagittarius in a single line: "I want much more than this provincial life!" Those born between November 22 and December 21 aren't content with, well, contentment — they need to explore. This urge fuels wanderlust, but adventure in the physical plane isn't enough for the cosmic archer. Like Belle, they long for intellectual stimulation as well, and they're known to be bookworms. The world is a huge place full of complex ideas, and Sagittarius wants to become acquainted with all of them.

One way or another, Sagittarians satiate their hunger for knowledge. This is admirable, but it can also make them a bit pushy and heedless of others' feelings. Consider Belle's journey into the enchanted castle's west wing. The Beast permits her to explore absolutely everywhere except that wing, which leaves her with literal acres of kitchens, ballrooms, and gardens to roam. But Belle just can't keep herself from crossing that forbidden threshold. Her curiosity is well-rewarded, as she glimpses the magical rose and a shredded painting of the Beast's human form, but she stomps all over the Beast's privacy to learn these things. 

This results in a fight and Belle's near-fatal flight into the woods. Sagittarians like Belle have to learn to become comfortable with not knowing absolutely everything there is to be known, even if that means accepting that they won't always understand why.

Capricorn: Mulan

When you need to get stuff done, call a Capricorn. These practical, steadfast, thoughtful folks, born between December 22 and January 19, will not stop until they've achieved their goal. While they're ambitious, they're animated by rock-solid perseverance rather than the glittering visions that drive other high-achieving signs like Leo and Aries. It's all about the grind for Capricorns — a life Mulan knows well.

Though Mulan starts out as a clumsy disgrace (in her hometown's eyes, anyway), she ends her movie as an unquestionably honorable heroine who's saved her father, the emperor, and China itself. Though there are definitely moments of glory along the way — who can forget the moment she steals Shan Yu's sword with a fan and fancy footwork? — Mulan largely achieves this through sheer, unglamorous discipline. Failure is ever-present: She misses archery targets, collapses during training, and, once she's actually gotten somewhere, gets kicked out of the army for being a woman. But she gets right back on the horse every single time. 

Like so many Capricorns, Mulan finds success at the end of all this hardship. Even better, she learns to embrace it and herself. Ensuring their labor bears fruit comes naturally to Capricorns, but they need to make sure they pause to take an enjoyable bite once it comes ripe.

Aquarius: Jasmine

Jasmine's life is sumptuous ... but also incredibly restrictive. Bonds of title and law constrain her, as well as entirely literal walls. A princess might have access to lovely things but only so long as she accepts being a lovely thing herself. Luckily, Jasmine is a classic Aquarius. Those born between January 20 and February 18 can see past the world we live in to the one we should be building. "I am not a prize to be won!" Jasmine argues, though everyone else in the room disagrees. It doesn't matter: The water-bearer's visionary nature sustains her until she's able to make good on her declaration.

Aquarians' idealism extends to their interpersonal relationships. Even many kind-hearted princesses wouldn't be able to see past Aladdin's street-rat status to the golden heart within, as Jasmine does. This is because being able to do so isn't entirely a matter of kindness — it requires the sort of critical thinking Aquarius excels at. Jasmine has interrogated the boundaries of her world, named "princess" and "street rat," and found them to be false. This allows her to see Aladdin for who he truly is — and who she might be, if she takes his hand. In the end, her destiny is changed, just as she foresaw. Aquarius dwells in the realm of the possible until they manage to make it the reality.

Pisces: Rapunzel

Rapunzel's tower keeps her isolated from the rest of the world. This is tragic, but you'd never know it if you were standing within its lavish interior. Rapunzel has covered every single inch of wall space with whimsical paintings. Pisces, born between February 19 and March 20, are at their best when indulging their artistic inclinations, as Rapunzel does. Their boundless imaginations can make even a tiny, isolated space perched high above humanity feel vibrantly alive.

This open-hearted adaptability extends to Pisces' social skills. An incredibly sensitive sign, Pisces detects the feelings of those around them without even trying to. We see this on full display when Rapunzel and Flynn get to the Snuggly Duckling. Sure, its denizens have hooks for hands, carry well-used weapons, and boast "sneers that could curdle dairy," but within them dwell romantic souls that yearn to become something more. Flynn is bewildered to be surrounded by mercenaries with passions for ceramic unicorns, but Rapunzel immediately understands. Later, when Maximus the war horse tracks down Flynn, Rapunzel melts his aggression with her sympathetic words. He might be a horse, but somehow, she just gets him.

Pisces' permeable emotional boundaries are their greatest strength, but they also make this sign uniquely vulnerable. People like Mother Gothel can manipulate a Pisces with ease — until, that is, the Pisces is question learns to speak up for themselves. When Rapunzel stands up to her scheming captor, she's a vision of Pisces at its absolute best.