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Flipping Showdown - What We Know So Far

Home improvement shows have always been a comfort to people, and everyone likes to see the inside of other peoples homes and how houses are built and decorated. That's a huge reason that HGTV has been so successful, with hits like "House Hunters" and all of its spinoffs, "Love It or List It," "Good Bones," "Fixer Upper," and a ton more. Other channels and streaming platforms have also joined in to take advantage of the trend, with Netflix churning out hits like "Dream Home Makeover," "Marriage or Mortgage," and "Stay Here" just a few of the streamer's ever-expanding catalog of reality series. 

HGTV also premiered many new shows this year, including a spinoff of "Restored by the Fords" called "Home Again with the Fords," and "Self-Made Mansions" with Clinton Kelly from "What Not to Wear." Now in late 2021 moving into 2022, there are even more new home renovation shows popping up, and HGTV has an upcoming show that fans of this genre of reality TV will definitely want to check out. 

Here's everything we know so far about "Flipping Showdown." 

What is the release date of Flipping Showdown?

The upcoming series "Flipping Showdown" will be coming out later this year, with the exact premiere date being November 15, 2021 (Series Date). It will certainly be a fun addition to the many shows already on HGTV, along with new series. "Flipping Showdown" is one of 11 new shows coming to HGTV soon, with some focusing on experimental home renovation challenges, while others are more relaxed home improvement series (TV Insider). 

Also coming out in November is "Table Wars," a competition series that focuses on event designing, with judges being Martha Stewart, Tamera Mowry-Housley, and Chris Hessney. New seasons of "Windy City Rehab" and "Selling the Big Easy" are expected to come sometime in late 2021, but the official month and date have not yet been revealed (Cinema Blend). For those who like renovation competition shows, you should definitely put the premiere date of "Flipping Showdown" on your calendar. 

Who is in the cast of Flipping Showdown?

If you are already a longtime viewer of HGTV, you are probably familiar with the couple Anita and Ken Corsini, who host "Flip or Flop Atlanta." In "Flipping Showdown," the couple will be helping out three duos of contestants who will each be working on their own renovation. Anita and Ken have been married for 17 years, having met in college at the University of Georgia, and they have three kids together. Anita was originally a math teacher before she decided to join her husband run his growing real estate business. While they flip houses together, Ken is apparently not allowed to do any of the designing, as he doesn't quite have the eye for it (HGTV). While the couple will be hosting "Flipping Showdown," there will be other people on the show competing, but it's highly likely that we won't find out anything about them until the premiere.

What is Flipping Showdown about?

According to a press release from Discovery, "Flipping Showdown" will have Anita and Ken using their own money to support three different renovation projects led by contestant duos. The Corsinis will both buy the properties and provide funds for the renovation and design, giving each duo only six months to complete the project. Once that time is over, Anita and Ken "will judge each team on three criteria: budget management, design talent and ability to successfully oversee the renovations." All of this will take place in Atlanta, Georgia. 

Whichever team the Corsinis deem the winners will get $100,000, as well as "a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to join the Corsinis in their company." It seems like the competition will take place over the course of the season, instead of one challenge per episode as some other series are structured, but it's not confirmed. It's also unclear how many episodes will be in Season 1 of "Flipping Showdown."