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The Surprising Connection Lyndsy Fonseca Had With Josh Peck Before Turner & Hooch - Exclusive

In the year of 2021, what we really need is more dog-centric shows, and Disney+'s "Turner & Hooch" is here to spread that slobbery joy. Set years after the original "Turner & Hooch" film, the series follows Scott Turner's children Scott (Josh Peck) and Laura (Lyndsy Fonseca), as they try to solve their father's last case following his off-screen death. Of course, that means that Tom Hanks doesn't reprise his role as the OG Scott Turner, but his former partner David Sutton (Reginald VelJohnson) is here to pick up some of the slack in his absence. The series honors the original film with a new pup named Hooch in tow, while maintaining its own separate identity.

During an exclusive interview with Looper, Lyndsy Fonseca dished on what it was like working with co-star Josh Peck, and reminded us that she and Peck actually go way back. Both young actors actually worked together on a different series when they were even younger stars.

Child acting is a small world after all

On finding that great sibling dynamic with Josh Peck, and what was it like working with him on the show, Fonseca said, "Oh, Josh is great. I actually met Josh first when we were teenagers. We lived in the same apartment complex. We were kid actors, basically on our own with our moms." She added, "So, we knew each other as kids, and then we worked together on 'Grandfathered' — I did a couple episodes. When this came around, Josh was already attached. I came in to do a chemistry read with him, and it just felt really natural. I really felt very at ease." Who's now wishing that a sitcom of Peck and Fonseca existed on Disney in the early '00s? Anyone? "Grandfathered," sadly, wasn't long for this world, but it seems like "Turner & Hooch" may have more staying power.

Fonseca explained how her existing relationship with Peck may have helped deepen their chemistry for "Turner & Hooch," "It was more that I was meeting Matt Nix and Josh Levy for the first time, our creator and producer. That was kind of like, 'Oh, I don't know these guys.' Josh, that part of it was just ... he already felt like my brother. I still call him 'brother.' I just texted him yesterday and said, 'Hey, bro.'"

Fans can tune into new episodes of "Turner & Hooch" Wednesdays on Disney+. The final episode of season 1 airs on October 6.