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Meet, Marry, Murder - What We Know So Far

Tubi has built itself up over time into one of the best streaming services currently in business. This is not only because it's ad-supported and still free to subscribers, but it also has a formidable library of movies and television from Starz, Lifetime, and Paramount, among other companies (via Tom's Guide). After Fox bought Tubi in 2020, the company announced it would start making original content of its own, possibly hoping to rival Netflix and Hulu's self-produced films and shows (Engadget).

"Meet, Marry, Murder" is one of the first official Tubi Original series, though it's made by British producer FirstLook TV and FilmRise. Adam Lewison told Deadline that "At Tubi, we are excited to expand our offerings within the true crime genre with the premiere of 'Meet, Marry, Murder.' Viewers' fascination with true crime content is ever-growing and we know 'Meet, Marry, Murder' will captivate audiences and keep them at the edge of their seats."

Here's everything we know about the release date, cast, and plot of the Tubi series.

What's the release date of Meet, Marry, Murder?

"Meet, Marry, Murder" will be coming to Tubi very soon. In fact, the first season will start streaming October 6th. Tubi subscribers won't even have to wait for each episode week by week, either, as all 13 of them will drop on the service at the same time. Crime fanatics will then have the option of watching one case at a time or bingeing multiple episodes.

The show has been in production for a while, as one distributor Abacus Rights lists the series as having been launched in 2020. An announcement also originally appeared in April (via The Hollywood Reporter), so it makes sense that "Meet, Marry Murder" will be premiering just in time for Halloween. The fall season is always the perfect time to hunker down and watch a grisly true crime series, after all. Fans will get to see whether the show is another worthy addition to the canon when "Meet, Marry, Murder" arrives in October.

Who's in the cast of Meet, Marry, Murder?

So far, the only active cast member listed on IMDb or in promotional material for the Tubi series is the host, actress Michelle Trachtenberg. Presumably, the other cast members on the show will be the witnesses and relatives interviewed for the case in each episode.

Trachtenberg is also an executive producer on the show and will introduce and close each episode (Hollywood Reporter). The "Gossip Girl" actress said in a statement that "I am a big fan of the true-crime documentary genre and have been looking for the right project to align with. Working with FilmRise and FirstLookTV on 'Meet, Marry, Murder' allows me to share this guilty pleasure with others."

It makes sense for Trachtenberg to be a part of the series too thanks to her roles in spooky, downright horrific movies and shows like "Buffy The Vampire Slayer" and "Black Christmas." We'll see how "Meet, Marry, Murder" fits in with Trachtenberg's past career in horror when it premieres this fall.

What's the plot of Meet, Marry, Murder?

Tubi's new series should satisfy the appetites of true crime and investigation fans. "Meet, Marry, Murder" will exclusively focus on cases where people were murdered by their spouses and partners, whether in an impulsive moment or patiently planned out. Interviews with family and witnesses to the crimes will be featured to help flesh out why these partnerships ended in death and outright violence. According to Deadline, "Episodes focus on cases such as the murder of a woman by her estranged husband, the killing of a husband by his wife in a devastating car chase involving his mistress, and more devastating crimes."

It sounds like a dark, entertaining docudrama series about how the old phrase "you always hurt the one you love" can become all too real for some couples. Viewers will get to judge for themselves what went so terribly wrong with each marriage when the first season of "Meet, Marry, Murder" premieres on October 6th.