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Why Ursula's Plan In AHS: Double Feature Episode 6 Has Fans Scratching Their Heads

In typical "American Horror Story" fashion, the half-season finale of "Double Feature" has left many fans scratching their heads. The anthology series has a reputation for starting with a strong premise, interesting characters, and a terrifying theme, only to lose steam by the last episode.

The finale of "Red Tide" follows The Chemist (Angelica Ross), Ursula Khan (Leslie Grossman), and Alma Gardner (Ryan Kiera Armstrong) to Hollywood, where the cutthroat agent tries her hand at distributing the black pills to uncover her next prodigious clients.

Her plan involves handing out the pills like candy to anyone with a script at the local Starbucks, quickly graduating to booking lectures. Speaking at a script-writing seminar, she pulls an Oprah Winfrey and hides a special surprise under the auditorium seats. She tells the group to think of the gifted pills as "a sugar pill placebo packed with Satan," and they nonchalantly swallow her "special vitamin brain sauce stimulant."

Fans on the show's subreddit questioned this move on a discussion thread of the finale. Why are they confused by Ursula's plan?

Does Ursula even have a plan?

One Redditor pointed out that it was weird of Ursula to attend an event where she's publicly promoting the pills, knowing they'll wind up turning most users into vampires. "Someone would text someone or tell someone, 'hey I just took a black pill from Ursula Whoever' before they went full Pale," u/Emilija80 said, noting how gradual the transformation was for Doris Gardner (Lily Rabe).

"So many holes in her plan," they added. "I thought she was going to curate writers from the scripts she received." Many fans agreed with this, wondering why she would be so reckless in distributing the pills when doing so puts a target on her back when things go awry.

"Then who in the world will buy your product if the world is in chaos?" asked u/VampireHunterAlex, referencing the outbreak of bald, talentless vampires she's leaving in her wake. "This is such a stupid plan."

"Red Tide" ends with the streets overrun by Pale People attacking anyone who crosses their paths. "This is like the ending of Drive-In, but stupider," said u/mrignatiusjreily, calling back to the hasty, apocalyptic "American Horror Stories" episode.

Unlike that finale, Ursula's confusing plan and its bloody aftermath may be addressed in "Death Valley." We'll have to keep watching "Double Feature" to figure out what happens next.