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The Character Everyone Agrees Is The True Villain Of AHS: Double Feature's Red Tide

Contains spoilers for the "American Horror Story: Double Featureepisode "Gaslight."

"American Horror Story: Double Feature" is poised to wrap up the first half of its two-part season next week, and as a result, things really started heating up in this week's episode, "Gaslight." The episode sees one of the season's main characters take a Muse pill only to find herself becoming one of The Pale, while another turns an infant into a blood bank. To make matters even worse, half of the season's characters are actively plotting to kill the other half in order to preserve the miraculous secret of Muse and keep Provincetown a sanctuary for the flesh-and-blood addicted artists that live there in the winter.

Indeed, the whole "Double Feature" gang only seems to be growing even more homicidal and sociopathic the further into this season we get. That said, there is one character, in particular, who has gone too far this season in the minds of a number of "American Horror Story" fans.

Alma Gardner takes the (blood-filled) cake

Fans on the "American Horror Story" subreddit seem to generally agree on one thing: little Alma Gardner (Ryan Kiera Armstrong) is — in the most horrible sense of the word — pretty wicked. "Alma might be the most evil character in the Ryan Murphy Cinematic Universe," observed u/robotlollipops.

u/Front-Ad-2198 added that the "insidiousness" of Alma's character is what makes her so bone-chilling, noting, "She's a child and uses her parents love to manipulate them. It's grosser than a stranger doing it to another stranger. Top it off with the total narcissism and delusions of grandeur." u/Shroomsforyou agreed with their fellow Redditor's assessment of Alma, writing, "She rules, so cold blooded."

Frankly, the users' observations are hard to disagree with, as Alma has already shown a cold willingness to sacrifice anyone and anything in the name of achieving brilliance as a violinist. Her addiction to the Muse pill has, unfortunately, only further emboldened her to express her worst — and most homicidal — impulses.

In "Gaslight," Alma cements her turn to the dark side by manipulating her mother, Doris (Lily Rabe), into taking Muse, knowing all along that she won't have the natural talent needed to prevent her from becoming one of The Pale. Alma also uses her new sibling as a blood bank and even proves to be diabolically clever enough to take her sips from an area on the baby's body that won't immediately be noticed.

All of which is to say that, Alma is definitely one of the most terrifying and evil characters in the show's history, and in the eyes of "American Horror Story" fans, easily the biggest villain of the first half of "Double Feature."