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Hot Toys Reveals Modified Version Of No Way Home's Black And Gold Spider-Man Suit

As webheads worldwide attempt to cling to just about any spider-related scoop they can catch a glimpse at regarding "Spider-Man: No Way Home," a fresh look at the wall-crawler's upcoming wardrobe has been revealed courtesy of Hot Toys (via Comic Book). Until now, the MCU hasn't put a stitch wrong when it came to Peter Parker's outfits, and it's safe to say the same can be said here. For lack of a better word, it is magical, but on closer inspection, it appears to have a few alterations here and there since we last caught a glimpse of it in statue form.

The suit on show is the variation fans have speculated to be made (or would that be conjured?) by Doctor Strange, who was seen in the eagerly anticipated and internet-breaking trailer. Initially, the Hot Toys first look on this slick black, and gold outfit still had some of Spidey's classic colours, with the red and black gloves from his go-to suit partially displayed up to his forearm underneath. Now that looks to have been completely covered, and Peter is rocking a black suit that might make Eddie Brock jealous. It's the other somewhat mystical elements that have us scratching our heads.

Cool Spidey outfit. Where'd ya get it?

Replacing the inner layer that was slightly on display, Spidey has some woven gold arm braces that are in a similar design to where Strange once stored the Time Stone/Eye of Agamotto. The rest of the suit is almost like-for-like to the original plan we saw from Hot Toys, except for the supposed chest projection and 'mystic-webbing' that has now changed from blue to gold. Clearly, Peter saw the color shift of the ten rings in Shang-Chi and wanted a similar look (who can blame him, really?).

The statue also comes with the expected attachments for Hot Toys flawless takes on Spider-Man, with adjustable mask eyes and several hands to have our hero throw down or swinging in to save the day. There's also one fist holding the mask, and you can also swap the head for plain ol' Peter, matching up with what we caught a glimpse of in the trailer.

As usual, we can only speculate where this suit fits into the grand scheme of things, along with who will and who won't be appearing in the third solo story of everyone's friendly neighborhood Spider-Man. Find out when "Spider-Man: No Way Home" hits cinemas on December 17 — and totally ignore Topher Grace.