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The Fiery Final Halloween Kills Trailer Hints At A Shocking Unmasking

We're less than a month away from the long-awaited follow-up to 2018's "Halloween," the film that thoroughly reinvigorated Michael Myers and reinvented the relationship between him and his most famous survivor Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis). Gone were the films that connected Strode and Myers by blood, and there was no longer a Thorn cult or an evil curse placed on Myers. Instead, we were left with a simple tale of a long-dormant boogeyman awakening and escaping his own bondage to take one final stab at the girl who got away.

2018's "Halloween" is a revelation for many reasons, but almost certainly first of all because it truly delved into the trauma of Laure Strode and the havoc it plays not only on her own life, but on the lives of her daughter and her granddaughter as well. Three years ago, we watched Laurie Strode go from hunted to hunter, we watched her take the home she'd barricaded her life behind, a physical manifestation of her own grief, lock Michael inside of it, and burn both him and the house to the ground.

But if there's one thing that remains true about the "Halloween" franchise it is this — there's always another encore for Michael Myers. A final trailer for "Halloween Kills" gives viewers a look at the faces of the other kids who survived that first night of terror, and we get a hint of Myers' face as well.

Laurie Strode wants to see the life leave Michael Myer's eyes

We knew Laurie Strode wouldn't be facing Michael Myers alone in "Halloween Kills." After all, she isn't the only one haunted with endless nightmares of that white, shapeless face. The entire town of Haddonfield, at least at some point, knew to fear the boogey man, but there are some who know better than others.

In addition to all the masks from the infamous (yet often-defended) "Halloween III: Season of the Witch," we also see a number of the other people who survived Myers in one form or another. The biggest parts of this final trailer feature each of them being revealed again: Lonnie Elam (Robert Longstreet), Marion Chambers (Nancy Stephens), Lindsay Wallace (Kyle Richards), and Tommy Doyle (Anthony Michael Hall) are all still terrified of Michael Myers alongside Laurie. When Tommy asks Laurie what they should do with the news that Myers has survived the unsurvivable and is still out there killing, she has a simple edict — we fight.

And if Michael Myers is fueled by his ability to kill unabated, without compromise, without control, then maybe the only way to kill him is to take away the totem of his power — his mask. In the 2018 "Halloween" relaunch Michael doesn't go back to killing until he gets that mask back. Laurie's plan is to, in her own words, "take his mask off and see the life leave his eyes." The final image from the trailer seems to be someone attempting to do just that.

"Halloween Kills" is in theaters and streaming on Peacock beginning October 15.