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The Best And Worst Parts Of Kelso And Jackie's Relationship On That '70s Show

"That 70s Show" has long been a favorite star-studded sitcom for TV viewers looking for a few nostalgia-soaked laughs. After airing in 1998, the '70s-themed show went on to air for eight seasons filled with a lot of basement hangs, teenage hormones and a few puffs of Mary Jane now and again. The show centered around Eric Forman (Topher Grace), a geeky high schooler who has eccentric parents and an even wackier group of friends. His buddies Donna Pinciotti (Laura Prepon), Michael Kelso (Ashton Kutcher), Jackie Burkhart (Mila Kunis), Steven Hyde (Danny Masterson), and Fez (Wilmer Valderrama) are known for spending a little too much time in the Formans' basement and getting themselves into trouble like every group of misfit teenagers can here and there. 

Throughout the show's history, there were always a few constant storylines that occupied most of the episodes, but none was more exhaustive and downright frustrating than Jackie and Kelso's on-again, off-again relationship. The pair went from seeming like a match-made in heaven to two people who clearly are in a toxic relationship. And while they don't end up together at the end of the series, Kunis and Kutcher did end up together in real life. But that's likely because their actual personalities are nothing like their characters, who perpetually have their heads in the clouds. We rounded up a few reasons why Jelso's relationship was so great, and why it wasn't, to break down the mess that is this high school love affair. 

Best: Kelso and Jackie were truly friends

While Jackie entered the "That 70s Show" scene solely as Kelso's girlfriend, her relationship with his group of friends totally transforms over time. She truly matures from a spoiled brat to a confident young woman who isn't afraid to be in a room full of her boyfriend's friends and speak her mind. Although their relationship was rocky, Kelso and Jackie figured out that if they couldn't be lovers, they actually enjoyed each other's company as friends. Looking at the beginning of their journey, it's a pretty unexpected turn to see them get along so well when they weren't romantically involved. This worked out well for the viewers, as their back and forth banter did also end up with a few hilarious one-liners. 

It's not to say it was easy for them to be friendly with one another. When Jackie and Hyde were on-again, off-again, they struggled to remain on the best of terms, but Jackie and Kelso always had an easygoing friendly banter with each other, despite their history. That's the basis of a strong relationship, even if it doesn't work out romantically. 

Worst: Jackie and Kelso had an extremely superficial relationship

Aside from being wildly attracted to one another, Jackie and Kelso's relationship barely went beyond the surface, particularly in the early seasons of "That 70s Show." They both were extremely obsessed not only with their own looks, but those of each other. Jackie's bossy attitude often had to do with how Kelso was presenting himself. Meanwhile, Kelso seemed to only be interested in one thing with Jackie — getting physical. 

When looking at their other relationships, Jackie seemed to have a much deeper emotional connection with Hyde. And while over time, Jackie and Kelso learned to appreciate each other in different ways, they both seemingly had a complex about presenting a certain image to the world. If the effort they put on their looks was thrown into working on their relationship, they may have had a lasting chance at being each other's happily ever after. 

Best: Jackie and Kelso helped each other grow

As previously stated, Kelso and Jackie's introduction into "That 70s Show" solidified them as two very superficial people. They were almost the antithesis of Eric and Donna. However, over time, they actually helped one another grow like a positive relationship should, even if it wasn't long-lasting. Jackie in particular matured by leaps and bounds, learning a bit of selflessness and the importance of friendship. Meanwhile, Kelso was basically forced into learning how to be a good boyfriend. He went from flirting with other girls in front of Jackie to doing everything in an attempt to win her back. 

Additionally, their relationship exemplified how high school sweethearts can have a lasting effect on one another. Jackie took her kinder, softer nature into her new relationships, while Kelso learned to be less self absorbed and take into consideration the feelings of others, which is a win for both of them. 

Worst: Neither Jackie nor Kelso were really faithful

Truthfully, there was no messier friend circle than the "That 70s Show" gang. It was like a love hexagon at all times. Kelso never held back from his bad habit of flirting with every girl in sight, even if Jackie was by his side. He flirted with Eric's sister Laurie, his best friend's girlfriend Donna, and even Jackie's own mom without a care in the world. It's like he can't help himself from being immersed by shiny new things, particularly women. 

However, Jackie was no saint when it came to her relationships aside from Kelso. Jackie had no problem dating nearly all of Kelso's friends after first meeting them, whether it was her intense relationship with Hyde or her everlasting love with Fez. Both Kelso and Jackie proved their inability to respect friend codes and overall loyalty, especially when it comes to their own personal romantic desires. 

Best: Jackie and Kelso are one and the same

Thinking back to "That 70s Show," Jackie and Kelso are clearly the male and female versions of the same person. They're both superficial, goofy and downright air-headed from time to time. Both of them are guilty of being self-absorbed and not exactly thinking before they act or say something. So, it makes sense why they got together — they both admired each other's looks and seem like the kind of people that would date themselves if they could. This was the next best option. 

But it's that compatibility that ultimately is responsible for their downfall. They both had a lot of growing to do and could only progress so much with each other. They needed to be challenged by other romantic partners who don't operate on the same frequency — like Jackie and Fez, a guy who would do any selfless act to win over Jackie and make her happy. 

Worst: They both were horrible at communication

One of the biggest dividers in Kelso and Jackie's relationship is their total inability to communicate effectively. Jackie has a habit of bossing Kelso around and making him give in to her demands, whether it's letting her tag along to a concert or getting him to wear a dress. It clearly bothers Kelso, who has no problem running to his friends in the basement and talking smack about his girlfriend (over a doobie, of course). 

The "That 70s Show" couple could really have benefitted from some counseling to learn to listen to each other. They both can be stubborn and self righteous, which is no way to forge a healthy and long-lasting relationship. While the chemistry was there, they were doomed from the start with the way they communicated to and about one another. It was that aspect that made the show relatable to real high school couples trying to figure out the ins and outs of their first love affairs.