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The Unique Jackie Quirk Even Hardcore That 70's Show Fans Never Noticed

Want to feel old? When That '70s Show first aired in 1998, it was 22 years separated from its time period of 1976. If a similar show were to come out today, then it would be set in ... 1998. That one's for all you nineties kids out there. 

The show follows a group of kids coming of age in Point Place, Wisconsin, led by Eric Forman (Topher Grace), who gets into all sorts of shenanigans with his buds Hyde (Danny Masterson), Kelso (Ashton Kutcher), and Fez (Wilmer Valderrama) along with his crush Donna (Laura Prepon) and snob Jackie Burkhart (Mila Kunis). 

While many fans think Jackie's the worst character, though, she's a lot more interesting than most people give her credit for. When the show first starts out, Jackie is the odd girl of the girl — not really friends with the others, only there because she's dating Kelso. She doesn't have a whole lot in common with anyone else, typically hanging out with Donna seemingly only because they're both girls. However, Jackie isn't someone who just waits in the corner until her boyfriend's done hanging out in another guy's basement. As Elise Hanson pointed out on Screen Rant, Jackie displays her dominance, and maturity, in a way many fans may not have realized.

Jackie is the only one to regularly refer to her friends by their first names

For the most part, the gang refers to one another by their last names. Kelso, for instance is actually Michael Kelso. The same holds true for Hyde, who is actually Steven. Even Eric and Donna are regularly called Forman and Pinciotti, respectively, by their peers. 

Jackie differentiates herself from the group by forgoing such pleasantries, and merely calling everyone by their first names. 

While there are many things in That '70s Show that don't make sense, this is actually very worthy of discussion. Jackie is the youngest member of the group, which would ordinarily put someone in a subordinate position, but if you know Jackie, then you know the one trait she does not have is subordination. She has an incredibly aggressive and domineering personality, and while she might originally only join the group because she's Kelso's girlfriend, she soon establishes herself as a force to be reckoned with. 

Basically, Jackie using first names could be a way to make herself appear older or more mature than she actually is. There are many ways she goes about doing this in the show, from dressing more boldly, to using her family's money to fund various activities for the gang. Even when she's the baby, she still displays a surprising level of emotional intelligence. While other girlfriends would be content with staying to the side, careful not to rock the boat too much, Jackie becomes a bonafide leader of the group, and it all started by acting more proper than everyone else.