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A.P. Bio's Lyric Lewis Reveals What Makes Glenn Howerton Break The Most On Set - Exclusive

Jack Griffin from "A.P. Bio" may not be all sunshine and laughter, but actor Glenn Howerton certainly is. Sometimes, his sardonic and pessimistic character's on-screen antics are too much even for the actor who brings him to life, and Howerton finds himself breaking character for a laugh. Of course, once he starts, the rest of the cast can't help following suit. And who can blame any of them?

Howerton made his claim to fame with this particular brand of humor in his hit series, "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia," which heads to its 15th season later this year. Given that fans keep coming back for Howerton's dark and twisted character, Dennis Reynolds, it's no surprise fans immediately latched onto Jack when "A.P. Bio" first aired in 2018.

During an exclusive interview for Season 4 of "A.P. Bio," Looper spoke to Lyric Lewis, Jean Villepique, and Mary Sohn about what it's like working with comedy icons like Howerton and just what it takes to make him break.

Breaking Glenn Howerton

On if there's anyone who tends to break on set the most, Mary Sohn mused, "I think the three of us are pretty bad. Not bad but..." Lyric Lewis popped in to add, "Breaks just get interesting moments. Interesting lines will get Glenn. And then it is a wrap for a couple minutes. And it's so funny to watch and see because he tries to get it together. And he collects it, and you see the little twinkle where, like, 'He's going to break again.'"

Jean Villepique recalled a particular moment that got Howerton going, saying, "In Season 3, the janitor came in with ... Brendan Jennings, who plays the janitor ... had a plunger for the toilet, and he said something about like, 'It's not so smart for you, Einstein.' And he kept getting in Glenn's face, and it just tickled him. It just got him so hard. And I think they did it 20 times. And we were all like, 'Do it again.' I know it's not good for production, but we were like, 'Keep breaking.'" Raise your hand if you'd be egging Howerton on right there along with them. Lewis summed up everyone's thoughts on the matter best: "It was amazing."

Diving into what it was like working with Howerton, Patton Oswalt, and Paula Pell, Lewis said, "I feel like we're constantly playing and learning from each other. And especially for like Glenn and Patton and Paula who have worked a ton — done their own things." She added, "They're all so gracious in the way of, we sit during breaks and stuff like that. And talk about the business, but in a fun way, in an engaging way."

Fans can now tune into the new season of "A.P. Bio," now streaming on Peacock.