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Glenn Howerton Teases Jack's Future On A.P. Bio - Exclusive

Every time a new season of "A.P. Bio" releases, fans wonder how the show can possibly top the last season, but the writers and cast always find a fresh way to shake things up and raise the stakes. With a series hinging on the mildly narcissistic Jack Griffin (Glenn Howerton) and the wild revenge shenanigans he involves his unwitting students in, there's a ripe sea of possible storylines to choose from. And they get weirder (and funnier) with each passing season.

At the same time, with each new season also comes the development of Jack's humanity and the relationships he builds with his students, colleagues, and especially Principal Durbin (Patton Oswalt). The writers had to find the line between giving Jack a tinge of compassion and human emotion while maintaining the chaotic vibe that fans fell in love with back in Season 1. The show's fearless leaders haven't disappointed on that front yet.

During an exclusive interview with Glenn Howerton and Patton Oswalt on the new season of "A.P. Bio," Howerton dished on Jack's future and the evolution of his character. The duo also teased what they're most excited about in Season 4. 

Dissecting the heart of Jack Griffin

Glenn Howerton had some interesting things to say regarding how he found the balance between Jack's significant growth while retaining some of that chaotic nature of the original character — as well as ideas on where his future will lead him. 

"I think he'll continue to feel closer and closer to the people that he's formed relationships with in Toledo, which is going to cause just more and more attention. It's like the Chinese finger thing, or whatever. You know what I mean? The more he starts to fall in love with the people of Toledo, the harder he's going to pull against that — to retain his identity as a person who's better than the people who live in Toledo."

Howerton continued, "I mean, the writers have done such a great job of setting this thing up, where it's like the closer he gets to true happiness, the harder he's going to push against it. And it's a really amazing thing that's quite sustainable and really fun to play with as an actor." Of course, it's equally fun to watch, or fans wouldn't keep coming back every season.

Meanwhile, for anyone who hasn't tuned in to the new season yet, Patton Oswalt said, "I'm just going to say the word 'tornado' and leave it at that. That'd be my tease," then, addressing Howerton, he asked, "What's your tease?" 

Howerton piped in with, "My tease. Well, what is my tease? I'm just excited for people to see Joe Manganiello on the show and Bruce Campbell. That's my main thing because I love those guys both so dearly. And so for audience members that are Bruce Campbell fans and Joe Manganiello fans, you also have something to look forward to in that."

Now that fans have heard from the iconic duo themselves about Season 4, they can head over to Peacock, where the entire fourth season is streaming.