Riverdale: Jason Blossom's Killer Will Be Revealed Before Finale

It's starting to seem more and more like a zombie apocalypse is coming to Riverdale. In a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, showrunner Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa said that Jason Blossom's killer will be revealed in the penultimate episode, with a "huge twist ending" coming in the finale– an episode which will bring everything back to Sweetwater River while also featuring the introduction of Jughead's pet Hot Dog.

This particular combination should seem familiar to fans of the Archie comics on which Riverdale is based, particularly Aguirre-Sacasa's Afterlife with Archie arc, which some theorize could be coming to Riverdale in season two. The arc, which saw Archie and the gang dealing with the aforementioned zombie invasion, started with Sabrina the Teenage Witch, who Aguirre-Sacasa said would appear on Riverdale at some point, potentially even in season one. It begins when Jughead's pet Hot Dog is run over and killed, with the grief-stricken teen going to Sabrina and asking her to bring him back to life. However, the young witch doesn't exactly do her spell perfectly, turning Hot Dog into a zombie and unleashing an invasion on the town.

There has been a good amount of evidence for Afterlife with Archie potentially coming to Riverdale. The man at the center of Riverdale's murder mystery, Jason Blossom, was found dead on the side of Sweetwater River in which Sabrina's hometown, Greendale, is located, and he was killed via the very effective against zombies move of a shot to the head. The theory is further supported by his sister Cheryl's dream, which sees Jason as a zombie coming to kill her.

Aguirre-Sacasa hasn't denied the possibility of the supernatural coming to the show either, saying that "there's a chance" Afterlife with Archie happens in the future. "In my mind, the mythology is this: Riverdale is a non-magical grounded town with weird stuff happening," he said. "Then there's Sweetwater River, where Jason died, and on the other side of that river is Greendale, where Sabrina and the witches traditionally live. On one side of the river, there's no magic, there's no supernatural– that's where Riverdale is. And on the other side of the mythic river, which is sort of like the River Styx, there's magic and witches and dark Lovecraftian horrors."

Despite the evidence, it's also completely possible that Riverdale's dramatic finale will have nothing to do with the supernatural. Even if that is the case, Aguirre-Sacasa has still confirmed that there will be quite a lot going on. The showrunner has previously said that the episode will introduce a character from the comics with a "darker origin and backstory," leaving Riverdale changed in a fundamental way that's "probably not going to be for the better." He also revealed in his recent interview that the finale will see one of the central couples on the show go all the way, with another's relationship status left up in the air. On top of all of that, one character's life hangs in the balance– and they might not make it out alive.

We'll know for sure if Riverdale decides to go the zombie apocalypse route when the finale airs on May 11 at 9 p.m. on The CW, and we'll learn Jason's killer a week before in the May 4 episode. In the meantime, see how the show's characters should really look based on the comics.