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The Heartwarming Way The Pitch Perfect Cast Surprised Writer Kay Cannon - Exclusive

It's difficult enough for fans to say goodbye to a franchise they love, but it's even harder for a creator. After spending about a decade on the "Pitch Perfect" script from the first draft to the final film, it was time for writer Kay Cannon to leave the Barden Bellas — but the cast wouldn't let her take a final bow without first honoring the woman who brought the trilogy to life. 

Of course, Kay Cannon has done quite a few impressive things since "Pitch Perfect," the most recent being her feminist spin on a classic fairy tale with the Camila Cabello-led Amazon Prime Video musical, "Cinderella." During an exclusive interview with Looper, Kay Cannon dished on the heartwarming way the cast of "Pitch Perfect" surprised her during the final Bellas performance.

The Bellas give back

When asked if she has a favorite moment from the "Pitch Perfect" set, Cannon was quick to chime in with, "Yes, I absolutely do, but it's 'Pitch Perfect 3.' I was actually, I was prepping for 'Blockers' in Atlanta. I had very little to do with 'Pitch Perfect 3,' and there were many, many, many, many writers on that movie. But they were filming the finale of 'Pitch 3' in Atlanta, as well. And Elizabeth Banks sent me a text, and she's like, 'If you come on over now, if you're free, could you come on, stop by? I'm sure the Bellas would love to see you.'" Well, isn't that the dream text?

"And so I did. And I went there, and they were performing in front of a whole crazy, whatever, 400 extras, 200 extras, whatever it was. A bunch of people. There's a big difference between 200 and 400. And they had actually finished their finale, and then I walked in, and Anna Kendrick saw me from across the way," she added. "They were onstage. I think they had to just do one little pickup or something. And she was like, 'Kay!' I hadn't seen them in so long. And I went up on stage, and all of them came at me, and we just did this massive group hug in front of all these extras."

Cannon became emotional as she recounted the story. "And then they're like, 'We're going to perform the finale for you, just for you' ... and then I went to the back. I was with the director, and the DP is this guy, Mark, who I worked at '30 Rock' with, so it was really like family, and just seeing everybody ... This is ten years of my life, or almost ten years of my life."

Fans can check out "Cinderella," now streaming on Amazon Prime Video.