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Dickinson Season 3 - What We Know So Far

When the Apple TV+ series "Dickinson" first debuted on November 1, 2019, many viewers didn't know what to make of it. While the series focuses on the life of renowned American poet Emily Dickinson, to say it puts a modern, innovative spin on the story would be an understatement. Hailee Steinfeld stars in the series as the title character, with the show depicting Emily's youth from a new perspective, exploring sexuality, gender expression, and more. Critics love the series, with Season 1 receiving a 75% Certified Fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes, and the Critics Consensus called it "audacious and aspirational," and a "bold blend of period-drama and millennial milieu." 

The show was renewed for a second season before the first even premiered, with Apple TV+ doing the same with the next season, renewing "Dickinson" for Season 3 in October 2020, while Season 2 premiered a few months later, on January 8, 2021 (Variety). Both audiences and critics had an extremely positive reaction to Season 2 as well, leaving many viewers wishing that Season 3 would arrive sooner rather than later. So when can fans of "Dickinson" expect the third season?

Here's everything we know so far about "Dickinson" Season 3. 

What is the release date for Dickinson Season 3?

It looks like Steinfeld will be having a very busy November this year, as both the first season of her upcoming Marvel series "Hawkeye," in which she co-stars alongside Jeremy Renner, and the final season of "Dickinson" are starting that month. Apple TV+ just announced that the third season of "Dickinson" would be premiering with the first three episodes on November 5, 2021, with new episodes arriving weekly each following Friday (via The Hollywood Reporter). The season has 10 episodes total, and the finale will fall on December 24, 2021. Steinfeld's other show, "Hawkeye," premieres on Disney+ on November 24, 2021. 

Along with the premiere date of "Dickinson" Season 3, Apple TV+ also announced that this will be the final season of the fan-favorite show. Thankfully, fans don't have to worry about this possibly being an abrupt, unplanned cancellation, as series creator and showrunner Alena Smith stated that when she began working on "Dickinson," she "envisioned the show as a three-season journey." Whatever happens in Season 3 of "Dickinson" is as the creator originally planned, so we can hopefully expect a well-executed, satisfying ending to the unique story.

Who is in the cast of Dickinson Season 3?

As for the cast of "Dickinson" Season 3, expect most of the same faces to show up. Of course, Steinfeld will be there, along with the whole Dickinson family, which includes Toby Huss as her father, Edward Dickinson, Jane Krakowski as Emily Norcross Dickinson, her mother, Adrian Blake Enscoe as Austin Dickinson, Emily's older brother, and Anna Baryshnikov as Lavinia "Vinnie" Dickinson, her younger sister. There's also Ella Hunt as Sue Gilbert, a young woman who Emily is best friends with (and in love with), and also Austin's wife, while Amanda Warren as Betty, Gus Birney as Jane, Chinaza Uche as Henry, and more are also likely to return. 

Will Pullen will be back as Nobody, along with Wiz Khalifa and Zosia Mamet reprising their roles as Death and Louisa May Alcott, respectively. There will also be a few new faces in "Dickinson" Season 3, with Ziwe joining as writer and actor, playing Sojourner Truth, Billy Eichner is playing Walt Whitman, and Chloe Fineman is portraying Sylvia Plath in the final episodes (Elle). 

What will Dickinson's third and final season be about?

While Apple TV+ has only released one teaser trailer so far, there is a lot of information out about what's in store for Emily in Season 3. According to the official synopsis, Emily will face quite the challenge, with her "most productive time as an artist [falling] amid the raging American Civil War and an equally fierce battle that divides her own family." Emily is forced to decide what's most important in the moment, and with an actual war going on around her, even tearing her family apart, she must hold on to hope for a brighter future beyond these struggles. 

It looks like Emily will even take the Civil War into her own hands, getting in on the action, while also using her poetry as a way to keep spirits up in the middle of such horrific fighting. At the same time, Emily's various relationship troubles aren't just going to go away because there's a war going on, and Season 3 of "Dickinson" will definitely address the big moment between Sue and Emily at the end of Season 2, as well as what's next for them. Will they be able to overcome any obstacles in the way of their love and be together?