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The Worst Movie Ryan Reynolds Ever Made Is Getting New Life On Netflix

Ryan Reynolds has remained a staple figure in Hollywood for decades, showing off his acting chops in a multi genre-spanning list of films. He's shown he can do it all — from playing the heartthrob in a rom-com like "The Proposal," to embodying a raunchy superhero in "Deadpool," to taking on the role of a private bodyguard in an action film like "The Hitman's Bodyguard." 

Even when Reynold's face is not on the screen, his personality shines through in animated characters, like the ones he portrayed in "Detective Pikachu" and "The Croods." Outside of his on-screen abilities, the real-life Reynolds is known for his hilarious sense of humor, that makes people drawn to him as a person, movie characters aside.

For all the hits that Reynold has on his Hollywood resume, though, he's also got a fair share of misses. And while fans can debate which is the worst, Reynold himself has certainly never stopped taking swings at his DC superhero film, "Green Lantern" — a movie that, despite suffering majorly negative critical ratings and poor box office, is now getting a second life on Netflix.

Netflix viewers are giving Green Lantern another chance

The 2011 flick "Green Lantern" was considered a major failure when it arrived in theaters. According to Box Office Mojo, the film grossed just under $220 million worldwide against a $200 million budget. 

Green Lantern has been a key character in the DC universe for decades, but many fans felt that the 2011 flick didn't do the mythos justice. Reviews pointed blame at the rough CGI and simple plot that didn't delve into the full depth of the characters and background. Reynolds himself has mocked the film repeatedly in the years since, most notably while breaking the fourth wall in both "Deadpool" movies.

However, could "Green Lantern" be getting a new appraisal? According to Netflix, "Green Lantern" is in fourth place on the Netflix U.S. Top 10, so it seems possible. 

As with other lost films, Netflix and subsequent streaming platforms have given a new life to movies that flopped or were easily forgotten. The ability to revisit an old film at the click of a button has allowed viewers to give some films, like "Green Lantern," a second chance — or perhaps a first chance, if they previously skipped it in theaters. 

While previous plans for a sequel were canceled, never say never: with DC opening up the multiverse, it's theoretically possible that Reynolds could once again wear the green ring in some form or fashion (if he were willing, which is a big question mark). More likely, any new Green Lantern films in the future will reboot the franchise: as of new, the next big Green Lantern project is an upcoming HBO Max series, which will star Finn Wittrock as the Guy Gardner incarnation of the superhero.