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Borat 2 Star Maria Bakalova's Next Role Isn't What You Expect

When Sacha Baron Cohen surprised the world by announcing a follow-up to his 2006 hit "Borat," few expected that the actress who plays Borat's daughter in the sequel would end up stealing the show. However, Maria Bakalova ended up nominated for an Oscar for her performance, and all that attention has helped her land exciting roles in new films, including one you probably weren't expecting.

A recurring motif in "Borat: Subsequent Moviefilm" is the difficulty that the film's title character has in performing the same type of interviews he did in the first film now that he is an internationally recognized figure. As a result, Bakalova's character, Tutar Sagdiyev, finds herself at the center of some of the film's most controversial moments, such as the scene with Rudy Giuliani in which an awkward clothing adjustment ended with a call to the police.

All of that exposure has helped Bakalova land parts in films that seem like a natural outlet for her comedy skills, such as the upcoming Judd Apatow production "The Bubble," which she was actually filming when she found out about her Oscar nomination. After "Borat 2," a Judd Apatow joint seems pretty center field for Bakalova, but her next project isn't nearly as predictable. Bakalova, clearly looking to broaden her range, is moving into romantic comedies.

Maria Bakalova will play Sarah, a newlywed American, in The Honeymoon

For her next film, Maria Bakalova will take on the role of Sarah in the upcoming Dean Craig directed film "The Honeymoon," per Deadline. In the film, Sarah sets off on a honeymoon to Venice with her new husband, Adam, only to have their trip cut short by the appearance of Adam's obsessive best friend, Ed. Starring opposite of Bakalova are Asim Chaudhry, Pico Alexander, and Lucas Bravo, although their roles have not yet been specified.

While the description of "The Honeymoon" notes that Sarah is an American character, it seems like some aspects of Bakalova's Bulgarian heritage might still appear in the film. The Hollywood Reporter quotes the actress, who said, "This film intrigued me because it's an escapist comedy that put a twist on the classic buddy movie format by including a strong female character, particularly from Eastern Europe."

While details outside of casting and broad plot details remain thin, THR does observe that filming is set to begin in Italy as soon as September, which means the earliest the movie might arrive is 2022. No matter when "The Honeymoon" ends up being released, however, it will be exciting to see the Oscar-nominated Bakalova appear in a film that represents such a departure from her previous work.