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Hulu's The Unusual Suspects - What We Know So Far

The most important part of any heist is getting away scot-free with the bag in hand, and the best way to do that is to make yourself seem like the least likely candidate. You can't look or act like your average heist-puller. You have to depart from the criminal norm. You have to become unusual. If you don't, then you'll likely end up in the clink.

This, at least, is the premise of Hulu's next big drama series: "The Unusual Suspects," which will find a group of female crooks at the center of a police investigation into a heist. However, this series isn't just a different take on the all-female "Ocean's" film. It aims to be a compelling, Australian-made comedy-drama examining Down Under's shady underbelly.

"The Unusual Suspects," not to be confused with the similarly named documentary series, is set to hit Hulu sometime soon. To get prepared for your next big binge, take a closer look at this upcoming series' release date, cast, and plot. Here is everything we know so far about "The Unusual Suspects."

When will The Unusual Suspects be released?

Australian readers might be a little bit confused by this article, since "The Unusual Suspects" already started airing in Australia in June, according to Variety. It's taking a bit more time for the rest of the world to catch up as Hulu only recently announced that it acquired the rights to stream the series in the U.S. Unfortunately, Hulu hasn't yet clued its subscribers in on when "The Unusual Suspects" is set to debut on its service.

However, the wait for "The Unusual Suspects" to hit Hulu likely won't be very long. It is a four-part mini-series, the entirety of which has already aired on both SBS and SBS On Demand. The project probably requires few, if any, localization efforts, so all we can do is wait for Hulu to feel like releasing the series. 

For comparison, Hulu acquired the streaming rights to the drama series "Scandal" on May 7, 2020. They then released all seven seasons of the show less than two weeks later on May 20. If "The Unusual Suspects" follows a similar path, Hulu subscribers could be watching the series before the end of September.

Who is in the cast of The Unusual Suspects?

Characters are especially important in the heist genre, as the excitement and intensity come from watching the team use all their varying skills to pull off their operation without a hitch. Like cogs in a machine, if one goes awry, then the entire thing falls apart. 

It's not publicly revealed how many members of the cast form the heist team in "The Unusual Suspects," (though those in Australia already know, of course) but Variety has confirmed at least three known thieves. The first is Sara, played by Miranda Otto, who famously played Eowyn in two of the "Lord of the Rings" films and also starred as Aunt Zelda in the "Chilling Adventures of Sabrina" TV series. She is joined by Evie, played by Aina Dumlao ("Ballers"), and Roxanne, played by Michelle Vergara Moore ("Condor").

The series also stars Lena Cruz as Amy and Susana Downes as Gigi (via IMDb), though no info about their characters is being openly marketed. The male stars of the series include Toby Leonard Moore as Jordan, Matt Day as Garth, and Peter O'Brien as Nick.

What is the plot of The Unusual Suspects?

While most popular heist stories see characters robbing something major like a bank or a large casino located in a highly populated city, "The Unusual Suspects" departs slightly from the norms of its genre. Rather than a grand backdrop like Las Vegas or New York, "The Unusual Suspects" is filmed and set in the suburbs of Eastern Sydney.

Despite the seemingly quaint setting, the loot targeted by this motley crew of women is as profitable as any "Ocean's" scheme. If all goes well, our anti-heroes will find themselves in possession of a $16 million necklace. The only problem is their getaway might not be as clean as they'd like it to be.

Somewhere along the line, the police catch wind of this scheme. Whether they make their great escape and live to see another free day is something fans outside of Australia will have to tune in to Hulu to find out, hopefully sometime later this year.