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City Of Ghosts Season 2 - What We Know So Far

Originally released in March 2021, the Netflix series "City of Ghosts" uses animation and the supernatural to teach children, as well as willing adults, about the history of Los Angeles. Combining background photos of the city with CGI characters, the look of "Ghosts" is really unlike anything on television (Cartoon Brew).

This is also a surprisingly warm, comfortable series about complex subjects. The combination of education and animation earned some critical acclaim, with Rob Thomas of The Capital Times praising the show as "a rich portrait of a changing city with its many enclaves and subcultures, and a reminder that every city has layers of history that shouldn't be forgotten."

Fans may be curious as to whether the six-episode first season will receive a sequel, especially considering Netflix's habit of quickly culling their series roster. Here's everything we currently know about "City of Ghosts" Season 2, including the release date, cast, and what the new season would likely cover.

What's the release date of City of Ghosts Season 2?

So far, there's been no word from the streaming service as to whether Netflix will renew "City of Ghosts" for a second season. There's no real word out about the show's streaming numbers, and it's hard to say if Netflix will axe the fledgling series, or roll the dice and greenlight another season.

If the show did return for Season 2, it may take a little time to return, especially with the pandemic still causing production delays. The original first season took about two years to create after being greenlit in 2019, and it's possible that Season 2 could take just as much time to write, produce, animate, and edit into six episodes (PopSugar).

Therefore, eager audiences may have to wait until 2023 for "City of Ghosts" Season 2. Hopefully, the second season will take much less time to produce than the first season, but the complex animation scheme and gathering of material required for production means fans may simply have to be patient.

Who's in the cast of City of Ghosts Season 2?

Presumably, the central voice cast of "City of Ghosts" would return for a second season of the show.

This would include Zelda (August Nunez), the lead detective of the Ghost Club; Thomas (Blue Chapman), a seven-year-old non-binary child and the second member of the club; Eva (Kirikou S'hai Muldrow), the five-year-old third member; and Peter (Michael Ren) the final member of the small Ghost Club.

Some supporting cast members may return as well, including Zelda's mom (Sandra Equihua), Filipino chef and café owner Chef Jo (Isa Fabro), and Zelda's brother Jordan, voiced by Angel Chipagua, who helps the Club record their adventures (IMDb).

Many of the ghosts and other characters are real Los Angeles residents being interviewed by the production, so it's likely that the same would be the case in Season 2 as well. Audiences just won't get to know who else will be featured on "City of Ghosts" until the second season.

What's the plot of City of Ghosts Season 2?

The show follows the Ghost Club, a small group of resident Los Angeles kids who discover the stories of their city by communicating with various (usually friendly) ghosts inhabiting different locations and neighborhoods. Ghosts and other LA inhabitants on the show are played by real longtime residents of the city, who are interviewed and then animated into characters, similar to fellow Netflix series Midnight Gospel.

The result is a fictionalized but accurate depiction of different aspects of LA history, including gentrification, the indigenous peoples who lived on the land prior to settlers, and various communities around the area. It's likely that "City of Ghosts" Season 2 would feature more of the same, interviewing different residents and trying to tackle even more of the same complex issues but in a format accessible to children.

Until Season 2 is announced, you can still catch up on all six episodes of "City of Ghosts" on Netflix.