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This Is Who Stephen King Thinks Should Star In An Adaptation Of Billy Summers

Whether you've read his books or not, odds are that you're well acquainted with the name Stephen King, because he's one of the most prolific, successful, and beloved authors the horror genre has ever produced. Given the astounding body of work King has delivered in his decades-long career (featuring titles like "The Shining," "It," and "Carrie," to name just a few), and the fact that he has earned a fiercely devoted fan base that seems to know no generational bounds, the author's works not only continue to remain in print, but also continue to be adapted for screens both big and small

As it happens, King has just released a new novel. It's called "Billy Summers," and to the surprise of many, this new book — save for a winking nod to The Overlook Hotel – spurns the supernatural realm entirely. Rather, "Billy Summers" is a relatively straightforward heist tale about a soon-to-retire hitman finding unexpected redemption on his last job while simultaneously writing the tumultuous story of his own life.

Even sans supernatural elements, though, it's likely just a matter of time before a film adaptation of "Billy Summers" is in the works, because virtually everything King pens eventually finds its way into the Hollywood machine, one way or another. And it just so happens the always opinionated writer knows who he'd like to see in the lead role, whenever the adaptation heads into production. 

Here's who Stephen King thinks should star in "Billy Summers."

King thinks Jake Gyllenhaal would make the perfect Billy Summers

Stephen King was asked who he would personally cast in "Billy Summers" in a recent Rolling Stone interview promoting the book's release, and he offered some serious love for Jake Gyllenhaal, before stating he thinks the actor would be great for the lead role. "Well, given his age, which is probably mid-forties, there are a lot of actors that could do that part very well. I think maybe the most underrated actor working right now is Jake Gyllenhaal and he'd make a wonderful Billy."

King was quick to point out, though, that Gyllenhaal may just be a bit of dream casting, noting there are many actors who could play the part. "But we're just blue-skying here. There are a lot of people who would be good." 

Still, it's interesting King would drop a specific name as the author noted earlier in the interview that, though he rarely uses it, he typically has say in casting matters regarding adaptations of his work. "I have approvals over most casting, and directors, and writers, and stuff like that. I very rarely use it, now."  

If ever there were a time to wield that casting power, it might be to get Gyllenhaal into "Billy Summers," as King's estimation of the actor's undervalued talent could not be more on point. Truth is, Gyllenhaal has quietly carved out one of the most compelling resumes in Hollywood over the past couple of decades. And quite frankly, we'd love to see him appear in any adaptation of King's work.

Stephen King's "Billy Summers" is now on sale wherever books are sold.