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The Surprising Games The Free Guy Cast Would Want To Live In The Most

After a long wait, "Free Guy" is finally hitting theaters and putting the oft-neglected story of humble non-player characters in the spotlight. These unsung heroes of the electronic entertainment industry have been the butt of the simulated joke for too long, serving as cannon fodder for bored Skyrim players and screaming out from their suddenly ladderless swimming pools in "The Sims," only for their cries to go unacknowledged by their uncaring, mouse-wielding overlords.

Yes, the life of an NPC is an ignominious one, but being the hero of a video game would be an absolute hoot. Looper attended a recent press event for "Free Guy" and got a noggin full of insight as to how the film's stars would live their best hypothetical digital lives. "Which video game would you most want to live in for a day?" That's the question that was posed to the cast of "Free Guy," prompting a spectrum of responses.

Look upon Taika Waititi's dream "Free Guy" scenario

Jodie Comer, AKA "Molotov Girl," answered cautiously but firmly that she wanted to be in "Harry Potter." Confronted with the fact that "Harry Potter" is more of a series of books, she responded with the resigned "every time" of someone who's died on this hill before.

Joe Keery, hoping to avoid any video game franchises where his head could get cut off, went with "Starfox," expressing an interest in flying a cool ship. Lil Rel Howery recalled better times, when he and his brothers would force a digital Charles Barkley to shout "Go get the damn ball!" in "Barkley Shut Up and Jam." Utkarsh Ambudkar remembered wanting to be the first Indian in the NBA, and also went with a basketball game, "NBA 2K."

For Ryan Reynolds' part, a game of "Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!" seemed like a good time. Comedy is pain, and so is boxing with Mike Tyson from the '80s. He also listed "Free City," the inspiration for "Free Guy," as a possibility. Taika Waititi, meanwhile, wanted to get behind the controls of a ship from the classic arcade game "Defender."

For more of the imaginary digital adventures of Reynolds and company, you can check out "Free Guy" in theaters on August 13.