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The AHS: Hotel Storyline Fans Could Have Done Without

One of the most common criticisms against "American Horror Story" is its inclusion of too many storylines in every season. The FX anthology series is beloved by fans, but they're happy to offer their own rewrites on the show's subreddit.

A thread by u/kingfan88 asked fans to share which storylines they "could've done without" and received 82 comments. Answers ranged from noted controversial moments like the Richard Ramirez character from "1984," the steamy Minotaur scene from "Coven," and the abandoned bunker storyline from "Apocalypse."

Less common answers included the ghost-hunting crew from "Roanoke" and the Black Dahlia character from "Murder House." All 9 seasons of the show were discussed on the thread, with storylines that fans either found boring, random, or unnecessary. One storyline from "Hotel" stood out to fans as tarnishing what they considered an otherwise strong season.

So, which "Hotel" storyline could "American Horror Story" fans have preferred to skip?

Show me your teeth

"The vampire kids in Hotel," said u/Maxfd97 in the thread's top comment. "Favorite season, but I wanted to fast forward every scene they were in." The comment received 166 upvotes and a reply saying, "totally agree."

"Hotel" was a controversial season, as it followed the divisive "Freak Show" and introduced Lady Gaga as the new leading actress as Jessica Lange departed. Gaga's glamorous, seductive Countess cared for four adopted children who were also among the Afflicted, a group of vampiric creatures who feed on blood.

While her pale, icy blonde baby vampires are relatively docile, another group of vampire kids wreaks havoc on the real world. The young, recently-turned vampires spread the blood virus throughout their school. Fans on the subreddit found the undead little monsters distracting, while an older thread called their inclusion "really silly" and "so out of place."

Another older thread called their plot "absolutely ridiculous," with one user saying they didn't mind the plot but criticized how difficult it was getting to follow all of the storylines in "Hotel."