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Who Is The Star In The Apple Music 'Beyond Stereo' Commercial?

It's time to add a new musical artist to your playlist: Apple Music featured a jazzy new single in a commercial for their fresh surround sound technology, Dolby Atmos spatial audio.

While sometimes Apple uses popular, easily recognized songs in their ads, they also have a history of using relatively unknown musicians. According to Variety, being featured in such commercials is a highly sought-after spot for artists looking for a wider audience. So who is this new star?

The ad depicts a woman pressing play on a song on her phone and listening to it while a man dressed in a casual pink suit appears all around her, dancing and singing along. The lights pop on his figure as versions of him appear all throughout this dark, empty room, some grooving with feet planted on the floor and others floating in slow motion movement — like something out of "Tenet." It's meant to give physical representation to the new surround sound feature being advertised, but it's also giving a platform for an up-and-coming artist: Masego.

Masego is a Trap House Jazz artist

Masego calls his style Trap House Jazz — he's most well known for incorporating the saxophone into his music, as heard on his most popular track, "Tadow." He's all-around musically talented, with the ability to sing and play a number of instruments, including the cello, piano, drums, and, of course, the saxophone (via Bandwidth). It's not the most common instrument for popular music, despite little Lisa Simpson's love for it, but Masego uses it expertly to enrich his songs.

"I freestyle a lot of things and organize it later, and then it becomes a song. Or I just turn my piano on and put my hands on the keys and whatever happens, happens," he told Bandwidth. "It's real soul-driven. Anytime I've tried to make this recipe for dopeness, it just doesn't work."

Also known as Micah Davis, Masego has been eager for a spot with Apple, he told Variety. Now, it's come at the perfect time. "I'm glad that it happened at a point in my life where I kind of know what I'm doing in terms of musically and what I want to say. Even me being a Gemini was cool, showing a billion versions of me as a metaphor." The song in the ad is "Mystery Lady," a track off his 2020 album, "Studying Abroad: Extended Stay." With its layered sound, it works well with the audio. "It was fun to collaborate on how to visually represent what they were conveying to the world," he said.

Masego told Variety that he's already noticing the effect that appearing in Apple's ad is having on his popularity: New people are discovering his music.